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Innovate from within

We live in a world of constant change. New technologies emerge, customer demands change and we constantly see new business models challenge the incumbents.

We do, however, believe that there is a possibility to stay competitive in an ever-changing world. We call it innovating from within. It is our firm belief that it is pivotal to ensure an even focus on short-term business performance today, while preparing for tomorrow’s long-term revenue. We put strategy and design together to build and launch ”balanced breakthroughs”.

The questions

The questions we help answer when working with innovation are:

  1. How will emerging technologies, changing customer demands and new business models impact our current landscape?
  2. What customer problems and needs will we be solving tomorrow and what business model could we use?
  3. What role will we aim to take in the value chain – and can we do it on our own or do we need new partners?
  4. How do we – in a lean and fast way – continuously identify and test potential solutions?
  5. What capabilities, insights and know-how are required for us to be successful?

Working with us

By balancing strategy with exploration, discipline with creativity, and practicality with ambition, we help companies untangle complex problems and develop viable solutions with lasting impact.

We go beyond opportunity analysis and portfolio management by also working with our clients to generate and build new offerings and businesses.

We believe we can help you create immediate results based on:

  • A practical and engaging way to start your own innovating journey from within.
  • A proven tool-box and extensive network of innovation experts across Monitor Deloitte and Doblin.
  • A proven methodology for making innovation a science – not an art.

If you are tired of reading about “disruption” and “innovation”, but are looking for a practical way to get started, then we are ready to help you.

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