CMO role in strategy


Take the long view

Virtually every industry and business today is undergoing profound changes driven by fundamental seismic shifts in competitive dynamics, exponential technologies, globalization and changing customer and consumer behavior. Faced with accelerating uncertainty and change occurring at unprecedented speed, organizations often succumb to short-term tactical planning despite the critical need for understanding long-term perspectives.

Our vast experience from hundreds of engagements over the course of 30 years has helped us develop an extensive approach pioneered by former Monitor co-founder Peter Schwartz.

We help companies understand the long-term consequences of industry dynamics and strategic choices. By leveraging sophisticated scenario thinking, we provide answers that drive actions and navigate uncertainty.

The questions

Scenario thinking is a flexible and nuanced tool, and its applications are wide-ranging:

  1. What are the disruptive forces shaping the future of my industry and which scenarios are most likely to unfold?
  2. Which technologies and business models are likely to change the competitive dynamics of my industry?
  3. What are the (right) transformational questions we need to asking ourselves to stay ahead of the global competitive landscape?
  4. How do I empower my organization and key stakeholders to take courageous action today in order to change tomorrow?
  5. How do I align my organization behind long-term challenges and opportunities and foster a culture of renewal and innovation?

Working with us

For nearly three decades, Monitor Deloitte has pioneered the evolution and application of scenario thinking, primarily for organizations in the private sector, but also those in the public and nonprofit sectors.

We have trained thousands of people in scenario thinking and have worked with hundreds of organizations, including more than 100 civil society groups ranging from large national and international associations to much smaller networked groups.

We work across a wide range of industries with complex questions joined by a need to understand the long view and make choices in spite of uncertainty.

We work closely with your organization to help you:

  • find the answers to your most critical business issues
  • make the difficult choices needed
  • build capabilities that allow you to steer the future
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