CMO role in strategy


Transform experiences

The marketplace has changed significantly during the last decade and so have consumer expectations and demands

The winners of tomorrow have the end consumer as the center of their attention when designing business models – whether it is based on building new ones or restructuring existing value propositions. Success with new and blurring channels, along with new consumers requires a ruthless focus on understanding the drivers of consumer behavior. At Monitor Deloitte, we are passionate about understanding the fundamental drivers of consumer behavior and its implications for organizations.

The questions

The transforming role of customer experience in the digital economy forces CMOs to tackle difficult questions:

  1. What is my overall customer and marketing strategy for the digital economy?
  2. How do we transition our channel model to an omni-channel model and digital future?
  3. How do we monetize and exploit new platforms to raise marketing-spend effectiveness?
  4. What are the ways in which we can improve the customer experience across touch-points?
  5. How can we leverage marketing automation and data analytics to build a differentiated competitive experience?

Working with us

Sustainable organic growth is rooted in stronger marketing and customer-engagement capabilities.

Our engagements are designed to build enduring marketing capabilities, including “traditional” capabilities like global brand strategy and customer insights. We also help build newer capabilities like multichannel management (digital, social, and mobile) and effective use of advanced analytics to inform decision making and marketing operations.

While many companies talk about putting the customer at the center of what they do, few have actually reorganized themselves with that goal in mind.

We help you create a map of the internal people, processes, and technologies that shape all of your customer interactions and we engage all relevant people in the process.

We help you design a tailored transition lab that allows you to explore your customer-centric strategy and corresponding priorities, capabilities, talent, and relationships needed to meet the expectations of your customers and to create a true relationship with each of them.

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