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Deloitte and Coupa Alliance

Dynamic procurement transformation that drives lasting value

Discover how procurement transformation can help you quickly and confidently realize a scalable solution, enabling you to reduce business expenses, mitigate risk, improve decision-making, and drive enterprise-wide value.

Transformation to help you seize results

For over a decade, Deloitte and Coupa Software have worked with enterprises around the world to help them transform their procurement operations and unleash growth and value across their organizations.

Our distinctive approach and on-site delivery model, coupled with Coupa’s industry-leading business expense tracking management platform, P2P cloud-native structure, and S2P management tool, can help you realize a scalable procurement solution that drives enterprise-wide growth through cost management, risk reduction, and better decision-making.

With a consistent track record over the last eight years delivering the largest Coupa projects in the world, we understand what’s at stake in procurement transformation, how to drive user adoption, how to build sustainable processes, and—most important—how to support your Coupa implementation. From building the business case to transferring knowledge, we’ll be by your side from start to finish.

Reducing risks—and costs—with procurement transformation

Deloitte works with a range of enterprises to transform their procurement processes. We can guide your Coupa transformation amid any business complexity, developing the strategies and enterprise engagement that enables effective change management and enduring value.

Consider some results our clients enjoy:

  • With Deloitte’s process-centric approach and on-site delivery model, a global pharmaceutical company increased user adoption by 40 percent and reduced purchase order and invoicing cycle time by 50 percent.
  • An industrial equipment manufacturer with operations in more than 40 countries and $3 billion in facility-managed spend turned to Deloitte for process-driven design and procurement transformation services, allowing the company to capture $100 million in savings in 24 months.
  • A global leader in medical technology working in 60 countries engaged Deloitte and Coupa for end-to-end process transformation and a touchless solution for invoice processing, resulting in $80 million in cost reduction over three years.

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Expedite your procurement transformation

Deloitte’s Coupa accelerators are rooted in our broad experience and process-driven methodology.

They can help expedite your implementation with:

  • A vetted design that provides flexibility and scalability, developed with Deloitte’s interactive, agile “workshop” method for engaging stakeholders.
  • A compressed implementation timeline by fast-tracking high-stakes decisions and reducing or eliminating the need for redesign/rework.

The result is an end-to-end solution that yields an effective technology deployment while incorporating relevant business processes, laying the foundation for sustainable, long-term procurement success.

Digital workforce for Coupa

Deloitte’s Digital Workforce for Coupa includes a comprehensive library of pre-built bots and use cases designed to capture process efficiencies, which can reallocate staff for strategic work, boost results accuracy, improve quality, enable 24x7 processing, and reduce time spent on exceptions. We can help you implement leading-edge technologies to maximize the efficiency of your sourcing strategy and procurement initiatives.

  • Robotic process automation can provide consistency, availability, efficiency, flexibility, and scalability to Coupa implementations, helping to improve spend under management, invoice matching, and timely receiving.
  • Intelligent automation technologies can drive better results, helping to inform decisions and accomplish objectives that have traditionally required human intelligence—such as planning, reasoning from partial or uncertain information, and learning.

Our integrated team of process, technical automation, and cognitive specialists brings functional and industry knowledge, plus proven experience in delivering R&IA deployments.

How CFOs can take the lead on third-party risk management and governance

With today’s boards of directors and CEOs becoming increasingly concerned about risk management, their CFOs are being asked to step up to the plate and become more strategic on combating the issue. As a result, many CFOs with a high degree of digital maturity and data visibility are getting better outcomes, both with risk management and overall company performance.

During a recent CFO webcast sponsored by Deloitte and Coupa, leaders discussed how CFOs have already become more forward-looking and strategic, with the driver behind the change being risk management. CFOs are turning to technology, including cloud-based platforms, robotic process automation and visualization techniques, and working closer with their Chief Compliance Officer, to get a handle on risk issues.

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For more information about how we can help your organization transform your procurement operations and unleash growth, please contact:

Don Good, global Coupa alliance leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Max Goralnick, US Coupa alliance leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Cheryl Fudge, senior Coupa sales executive, Deloitte Consulting LLP

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