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Working together to deliver more value for clients

We are aligned with many leading companies to develop services and solutions that help our joint clients create more value.

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Unlocking your digital marketing potential with the Adobe Marketing Cloud

Deloitte Digital and Adobe hold similar visions—a commitment to provide enterprise solutions that help transform the customer experience. Since 2002, we’ve worked together to provide value-oriented services and industry-specific solutions for our customers such as MarketMix, a digital platform designed to enhance marketing speed and agility, foster brand advocacy, increase conversion rates, and grow share of wallet.

See Adobe for more information.



Taking real-time planning and forecasting to a new level

Our alliance combines Deloitte’s strategic planning and implementation capabilities with Anaplan’s disruptive technology to help our clients enhance business planning and execution for sales, operations, and finance.


​APX Labs

Driving enterprise adoption of wearables

Wearable technology is available, affordable, practical...and potentially transformative for businesses. Deloitte and APX Labs are working together to enable enterprises to adopt and capture the promise of wearables.

See ​APX Labs for more information.



Blending infrastructure and IoT technology to create smarter, more livable cities

Deloitte and AT&T are enhancing livability and improving the efficiencies of local governments through the innovative use of today's technology to build "smart cities." The alliance combines Deloitte's experience implementing Smart City technology globally with AT&T's mobility, Cloud, and networking solutions. Together we are helping to make our communities more connected, energy efficient, and healthier.



Helping clients harness the full potential of cloud to create impact that matters.

Deloitte's vertical business experience coupled with AWS' technology platform can help clients harness the disruptive power of the cloud to make an impact that matters.

BMC Software

Transforming IT into efficient business engines

From mainframe to cloud to mobile, BMC Software helps businesses manage complex technology to deliver extraordinary business performance. Our alliance helps clients use data center automation to cut costs, improve security and compliance, and increase visibility.

See ​BMC Software for more information.


CA Technologies

Managing risk and providing greater enterprise value from IT

Deloitte’s IT strategy and implementation skills combined with CA Technologies software help organizations better manage data security risks and generate more value from their IT portfolio. For more than 10 years, we have worked together to help organizations integrate technology, processes, and people to tackle tough enterprise challenges.

See ​CA Technologies for more information



Helping to create game-changing IoE solutions

Our alliance with Cisco can help create business value for clients through game changing IoE-based solutions through Deloitte's business domain expertise, business strategy, analytics and managed services, as well as full solution integration and delivery with Cisco's market leading technologies, IoE products and technologies, network analytics and deep technical relationships, our alliance offers proven technology capabilities.



Improving your performance through insights from data

Deloitte and Cloudera work together to jointly enhance our client’s ability to derive actionable insights from their data. Together, we can help you address new business problems and drive more business value from your data.

See Cloudera for more information.


Coupa Software

Helping clients transform their approach to sourcing and procurement

Our alliance with Coupa enables us to combine our deep experience with a leading cloud platform for spend management. Deloitte has delivered some of the largest and most complex Coupa installations, and together, Deloitte and Coupa can help you transform your sourcing and procurement processes to build a more profitable and successful business.

See Coupa Software for more information.


Dassault Systemes

Enhancing product development efficiency and effectiveness

Effective product development in a complex global environment requires lean product development processes supported by technologies that enable secure collaboration and global sharing of intellectual property. Our alliance helps manufacturers improve efficiency and innovation by combining Deloitte's experience in product development, project management, and software implementation with Dassault Systemes’ leading product lifecycle management (PLM) software, project management, and software implementation.


Dell EMC

The Deloitte and Dell EMC alliance combines Deloitte's ability to deliver comprehensive solutions with Dell EMC's leading infrastructure and software products. Combining these best-in-class capabilities will help deliver value to our mutual clients' IT and business organizations. Our joint offerings include key technology solutions to help clients resolve pain points, including accelerating innovation through SAP on Dell technology and improving cloud integration through Dell Boomi.

See Dell EMC for more information.


Duck Creek Technologies

Preparing for tomorrow’s insurance marketplace

Our focus is on preparing clients to compete in tomorrow’s insurance marketplace, and technology updates alone are not enough to achieve results. Our alliance with Duck Creek Technologies enables us to combine Duck Creek’s property and casualty insurance software with Deloitte’s deep industry and technical experience to help insurers realize increased business value when implementing core systems.

See Duck Creek Technologies for more information.


Guidewire Software

Combining insurance industry insights with core systems transformation

The Deloitte and Guidewire strategic alliance brings together Deloitte’s deep experience in business transformation in the insurance industry with Guidewire’s suite of applications for core systems transformation. Together, we can help insurers realize the potential of their core systems by transforming business processes to take advantage of the flexible capabilities in Guidewire software.

See ​​Guidewire for more information.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Aligning IT with business strategies

Deloitte teams with HPE to develop technology solutions that help our clients improve competitiveness, profitability, and performance across the company. Our joint offerings—addressing cyber risk, IT transformation, in-memory computing, cloud, and more—are targeted to areas that can help add significant business value.

See ​HPE for more information.



Smarter teaming puts technology to work

Our alliance combines Deloitte’s industry, business and technical knowledge with IBM’s leading technologies to help global enterprises solve tough business issues. For more than 17 years, our smarter teaming approach has allowed us to extend our global reach and generate even more value for the clients we serve.

See ​IBM for more information.



Delivering the power of data

The Deloitte and Informatica strategic alliance brings together Deloitte’s deep experience in analytics, big data and master data management coupled with Informatica’s data integration, data management and cloud capabilities. Together we deliver timely, relevant, and trustworthy data to support enterprise initiatives ranging from advanced analytics and ERP/CRM implementations to master data management.

See ​Informatica for more information.


Intermountain Healthcare

Providing analytic insights to the medical community

Our alliance brings together Deloitte’s leading-class professional services and analytics capabilities with Intermountain’s pioneering experiences in data-driven care. This collaboration provides market-leading health analytics solutions that can help providers and manufacturers unlock the power of big data, improve quality, and drive efficiencies in the delivery of care and the development of new therapies.


IPP | Innovation Partnership Program

Seize advantage amidst exponential change

IPP, a unique innovation initiative and community, helps business leaders harness the power of disruptive technology and the wisdom of crowds. Working with Singularity University (SU) and the XPRIZE Foundation, Deloitte provides a virtually unprecedented business innovation program that prepares senior client executives to lead their organizations to thrive in an era of disruption.

See ​IPP, Innovation Partnership Program for more information.


iRise, Inc.

Working simulations for application development projects

iRise is a leading supplier of visualization software that can help speed application development. Deloitte and iRise work together to build working simulations of new applications before they are developed, helping clients shorten the requirements definition process, avoid rework, and reduce time to prepare testing and training materials.


Jama Software

Accelerating the product delivery process

Deloitte Consulting LLP and Jama Software work together to deliver a collaborative solution that supports the definition, build and testing of complex products and applications. Together, we help clients connect business requirements to business outcomes.



Improving end-to-end supply chain planning

Deloitte and Kinaxis work together to develop supply chain solutions that can help improve the end-to-end supply chain planning for large enterprises. This can be accomplished through improved cross-functional collaboration and real-time "what-if" scenario analysis, allowing companies to make informed decisions and respond quickly to changing market demands. The alliance can help our clients with supply chain planning transformation, including faster implementations, and broader user adoption.


Kira Systems

Rapidly creating insight from document repositories with machine learning

Deloitte and Kira Systems help enable clients to create value from unstructured data. The advanced machine-learning Kira platform can quickly “read” thousands of complex documents, extracting and structuring textual information. Deloitte professionals train the platform, and apply their experience to create strategies that unlock value for clients, such as capturing foregone revenues or reducing third party cost and risk.


M2Gen/Moffitt Cancer Center

Transforming cancer care

M2Gen, a subsidiary of Moffitt Cancer Center, has joined Deloitte’s real-world evidence and analytics consortium to contribute to biomarker discovery, gene-based clinical trial matching, and real-world evidence generation to support the shift to personalized medicine in oncology.

us-moffit-cancer center-icon

Manhattan Associates

Deloitte and Manhattan Associates Alliance

Deloitte and Manhattan Associates, a global leader in supply chain focused software solutions, work together to help customers with their complex supply chain challenges. We address challenges ranging from warehouse management system and transportation logistic issues to cross-channel retail, inventory management and demand forecasting problems.



Delivering enterprise-class operational customer experience management solutions

Deloitte Digital and Medallia has formed a strategic alliance leading operational Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions. Together we deliver a truly comprehensive and innovative Customer Experience program for our clients. Deloitte’s global expertise across human capital, strategy and technology combined with Medallia’s Customer Experience Management platform will help our clients to differentiate their firms via an optimized CX.

See Medallia for more information.



Delivering business intelligence and analytics solutions

Deloitte and MicroStrategy work together to deliver business intelligence and analytics solutions. Our alliance combines Deloitte’s analytic capabilities with MicroStrategy’s technology offerings, which include integrated reporting, analysis, and monitoring software. Together, we help business leaders worldwide make more informed decisions.



Accelerating business outcomes with application networks.

As the MuleSoft Partner of the Year, Deloitte Digital is working with MuleSoft to empower our clients to reimagine how they connect and engage with their customers, and start thinking about their digital strategy through the lens of their corporate strategy.

National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies

Offering an end-to-end solution for usage-based insurance

Deloitte works with the NAMIC to provide their members with D-rive, a cost-effective end-to-end telematics solution that improves their ability to evaluate driver risk and encourage safe-driving behaviors.



Reducing risk of catastrophic failures

Deloitte worked with NASA to develop risk modeling and simulation tools and techniques to reduce uncertainties in its space program. Now, our organizations have joined to deliver similar offerings to reduce risk of catastrophic failures to oil and gas companies.



Bringing the flexibility of cloud ERP systems to the enterprise

Global enterprise and mid-market companies are turning to cloud ERP for its agility, scalability, and flexibility. Deloitte’s change management, industry, and integration services with NetSuite’s tested, customizable cloud ERP solution, can provide the resources these organizations need to help them adapt and prosper in today’s fast-paced business environment.



Delivering leading enterprise content management (ECM) solutions

Deloitte works with OpenText to help our clients gain valuable business insights from their structured and unstructured big data through enterprise content management.

See ​OpenText for more information.



Get there faster. Get there with experience. Get there with confidence.

As Oracle’s first Global Cloud Elite partner, Deloitte and its member firms provide access to more than 17,300 professionals who possess deep knowledge across Oracle Cloud applications and technology. Taking your organization somewhere it’s never been before? Get There with Deloitte + Oracle.

See Oracle for more information.



Delivering data-driven strategies to improve business performance 

Deloitte and Qlik work to provide clients with the ability to manage and analyze data into powerful visualizations that drive business performance, while helping to maintain data governance and control.

See ​Qlik for more information.


Red Hat

Addressing IT challenges through open-source innovation

Deloitte and Red Hat work together to help solve our customers’ complex technology challenges by combining the strength of Red Hat’s open-source model with Deloitte’s industry-leading insights and services.


Regenstrief Institute

Accelerating the use of real-world evidence in health care

Regenstrief, a leading informatics and health care research organization, has joined Deloitte’s real-world evidence and analytics consortium to support the health industry’s shift toward a value-based system featuring personalized medicines.


One to one customer relationships just got real.

Deloitte Digital has launched a new model for a new age: one part agency, one part consultancy. We have torn down the traditional model of creative, tech, and business services-in-silo. That means our clients have a powerful combination of industry experts, tech engineers and creative specialists at their fingertips — all the skills needed to truly transform customer engagement and their business.

From first contact to final delivery, our global teams are uniquely equipped to use's social, CRM and mobile technologies to revolutionize the way your customers work, play and communicate.

See ​ for more information.



The fastest path to value

With a worldwide practice of more than 13,200 SAP practitioners in more than 135 countries, we deliver SAP business results faster and better than any other vendor in the world. We also hold the highest level of strategic alliance with SAP: Global Partner—Services.

See ​SAP for more information.


SAS Institute, Inc.

Cultivating performance through insights from data

Working with SAS Institute’s business intelligence and analytical software and services, Deloitte helps clients improve performance through insights from data, which can result in faster, better-informed business decisions; more profitable relationships with customer and suppliers; compliance with governmental regulations; research breakthroughs; and better products and processes.

See ​SAS for more information.


Siemens PLM Software

Improving product development lifecycle management

Deloitte helps clients turn ideas into successful and sustainable products by improving R&D management using Siemens product lifecycle management solutions.


Singularity University

Disrupt or Be Disrupted

In a world of exponential technology innovation, one of the most pressing questions on the mind of many business executives and entrepreneurs is what’s coming next? Deloitte and Singularity University (SU) have teamed up to provide answers.

See ​Singularity University for more information.



Communicating on customers’ terms, needs, and interests

Deloitte and Sprinklr are helping brands transform their front office around the customer. We help companies re-imagine the possibilities for creating greater business value by becoming fully customer-centric.

See ​Sprinklr for more information.



Transforming HR to meet business goals

Recognized as a global leader in HR transformation and a leading strategic integrator of SAP technology, Deloitte is positioned to help our clients gain more value from SAP HCM and SuccessFactors initiatives.

See ​SuccessFactors for more information.



Improving data security and reducing risk

We work together to help our clients protect their information and improve security by combining Deloitte’s risk and industry insight, IT strategy, and implementation skills with Symantec’s market-leading security technologies.


Tableau Software

Helping people see and understand data

Deloitte analytics professionals help our clients gain deeper insights into their data using Tableau desktop analytics and visualization software to distill and display massive amounts of data.

See ​Tableau Software for more information.



Delivering comprehensive analytics solutions

Deloitte’s cross-functional advisory, assessment, strategy, and implementation services coupled with Teradata’s enterprise data warehousing and analytic capabilities help companies make better, faster decisions that drive growth and profitability.


Vertex, Inc.

Delivering comprehensive tax solutions

Deloitte’s alliance with Vertex helps tax departments transform their process, technology, and data for better performance and added value to their organizations.



Enterprise solutions that can transform customer experience

Our alliance combines Deloitte's deep experience in cloud computing and business transformation with VMware's leading virtualization software platform. We help organizations address the challenges and opportunities that cloud presents to enable transformation and improve efficiency. 



Helping HR and Finance operations deliver more value

Deloitte is a recognized leader in HR and Finance transformation to improve efficiency and effectiveness. We work with Workday to deliver technology that helps our clients gain the value offered by real-time analytics and smart business processes. 

See ​Workday for more information.



Prize-based Competition & Crowdsourcing

Businesses need bold thinking and action as exponential technology innovation constantly reshapes the competitive landscape. Deloitte and XPRIZE are working together through our strategic alliance and fellowship program to harness the potential of disruptive innovation and to drive positive corporate social impact.

See ​XPRIZE for more information.


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