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Deloitte Digital and PTC Alliance

The best version of your business is closer than you think

Blending Deloitte Digital’s global scale and PTC’s industry-leading IoT, AR, and PLM platforms, our collaborative solutions can deliver quick business results that accelerate the value of these investments.

About our alliance

The Deloitte Digital and PTC alliance was formed because when it comes to things like credibility, reputation, products, and innovation, PTC is an industry leader. Pair that with the technology chops, strategic know-how, and industry experience that Deloitte Digital is known for, and that’s a pretty legit combo. Using bold IoT, PLM, and AR thinking, agile prototyping, and PTC's field-tested platforms, our alliance can quickly take businesses from idea to innovation.

For more information, view the press release announcing the Deloitte Digital and PTC alliance, and visit PTC's alliance web page.

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Deloitte takes home the PTC 2019 IoT Partner of the Year Award

On December 18th in Hyderabad, India, PTC presented Deloitte with the 2019 Partner of the Year award, and two PTC Champion awards for our work in Augmented Reality (AR) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

“Together, PTC and Deloitte have helped countless customers and technology partners achieve their most important goals through digital transformation. We look forward to continuing this initiative alongside Deloitte in FY20.” said Jim Heppelmann, president and CEO, PTC.

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Webinar: How Industrial IoT Increases Overall Equipment Efficiency
Learn how industrial IoT can help manufacturers better understand and increase overall equipment efficiency (OEE) by unleashing the data buried in production lines. With real-time visibility into OEE, manufacturers can understand and correct issues that impact availability, performance, and quality.

Watch the webinar replay to hear Christine DeHaven, senior director Manufacturing, Pactiv; Rick Burke, specialist leader of Supply Chain and Manufacturing, Deloitte Consulting LLP; and Howard Heppelman, VP & GM of Connected Solutions, PTC discuss:

  • How industrial IoT increases OEE and case study examples
  • How value-based approaches to IIoT can accelerate outcomes at scale
  • Best practices and tips and tricks for building a business case and measuring ROI

Watch the webinar

Read the blog post

Our approach

Better together—a powerful one-two punch: In Deloitte Digital, clients get a consultancy with a ton of industry experience, major strategic know-how, and end-to-end implementation services. Throw in PTC’s world renowned, field-proven ThingWorx IoT platform, Windchill PLM software, and Vuforia enterprise AR solution suite, and you’re talking about an awful lot of combined firepower.

Think big, start small, and scale fast: We believe in approaching each project by thinking big—like really big. Next, and this is crucial, we start with small, attainable steps that allow us to be extremely agile. Then, once we have the groundwork in place, we put on the afterburners and scale for success.

How we roll: We blend Deloitte Digital’s global scale and PTC’s seamless solutions that are known for being simple to implement. Together, our alliance quickly takes businesses from ideas to innovation.

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Our solutions

Unlock your business’ potential with Smart Factory solutions

For manufacturers, advancing your organization’s digital maturity takes more than just technology—it requires the convergence of people, processes, and assets, too. These four pillars are the foundation for efficient operations within the digital enterprise. Our Smart Factory solutions can be architected with PTC’s portfolio of offerings across a wide array of enabling technologies, creating insights, and augmenting human performance to help overcome complex challenges, address key business objectives, and boost visibility and performance across the digital supply network.

Start your Smart Factory journey here.

Download the Virtual Factory by Deloitte app to experience a smart factory come to life in the palm of your hands.

See how we brought a smart factory to life at LiveWorx 2019

Digital reality is the next technology transformation

Digital reality, which consists of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), 360o video, and immersive technologies are rapidly gaining traction in the marketplace. The proliferation of these tools, applications, and solutions will permeate throughout everyday life and work in just a few years and will be as impactful as the PC, web, and mobile. This has led to digital reality's reputation as the next technology transformation in the way people interact and use data.

Companies around the world are applying these technologies to create revenue generating and cost saving solutions as well as wholesale changes to the way they work, and we are proud to work with PTC’s Vuforia enterprise AR solution suite to help clients transform their manufacturing operations with the power of real-time insights, end-to-end visibility, and scalable solutions.

Learn more about Deloitte’s Digital Reality services.

Factory Asset Intelligence Solution

The digital age of manufacturing allows a plant to be more efficient, traceable, predictable, and manageable than ever before. FactoryAI is a fully packaged solution driving proof-of-value for a digitally integrated supply chain in weeks instead of months.

Our FactoryAI solution loops together the physical and digital world through the use of preconfigured sensors, application, technology stack, and methodology, leveraging PTC’s ThingWorx IIoT Platform.

Watch the Turnkey IoT video

What if the best version of your business was weeks—not months—away? Deloitte, HPE, National Instruments (NI), and PTC have joined to create an accelerated time-to-insight solution for high impact Internet of Things (IoT) use cases, focusing initially on predictive maintenance for manufacturing, that combines best-of-breed analytics, software, infrastructure, security, and professional services.

For more information about Deloitte's alliance with PTC, please contact PTC alliance manager
Chris Albrecht and PTC alliance lead sponsor Robert Schmid.

Meet the leader

Robert Schmid

Robert Schmid

Chief Futurist | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Robert, Deloitte Consulting LLP chief futurist, also known as 'Mr. IoT,' is a pragmatically audacious executive helping companies break into the digital age. As a founder and leader of the Internet of... More