Deloitte and Shopify Alliance

Together, Deloitte and Shopify help our clients in strategy, implementation, operate, and wraparound service opportunities

In an effort to help organizations rapidly develop their capabilities to address some of the challenges they face with the ability to sell, ship, and process payments anywhere, Deloitte has partnered with Shopify to create easy and simple-to-implement custom solutions.

Deloitte and Shopify

Deloitte and Shopify have formed an alliance to imagine, deliver, and run the next generation of digital solutions on one platform with all the e commerce and point-of-sale features needed to start, run, and grow businesses.


Ready, set, scale – Shopify+ for the enterprise

  • The Deloitte and Shopify partnership supports client with a no-code configuration of their stores, allowing management by business users without involving the IT team
  • Launch e-commerce rapidly—from ideation to production
  • Powered by a market-leading SaaS platform with a rich out-of-box and customizable feature set


Accelerate social commerce with Shopify

  • Deloitte and Shopify have partnered to allow customers to be early adopters in the growing space of social commerce, which is expected to reach an estimated $2 billion by 2026.
  • The social commerce integration will allow clients to capitalize on their reach, offer innovative options for product placement/branding, and consolidate multiple stages of the purchase funnel on a single site.


Expand your marketing targets with Shopify Audiences

Shopify Audiences helps find high-intent buyers and increases the likelihood of conversions. Deloitte can help our clients leverage this to find new customers through digital marketing in a simplified and cost-effective way.


Token-gated commerce on Shopify

  • The Deloitte and Shopify partnership helps customers take the complexities out of crypto.
  • Built on Shopify’s trusted platform, which makes it easy to mint and sell your own branded NFTs leveraging Shopify and Shopify Payments—right from your store.


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