Deloitte and WalkMe Alliance

An alliance focused on realizing digital adoption

Deloitte has a dedicated team in the United States to provide technology adoption solutions via its Digital Adoption Services business. Developed in conjunction with WalkMe, clients can leverage these services to realize the rapid results that digital transformation strategies can deliver.

Deloitte and WalkMe

As a customer of WalkMe, Deloitte has delivered digital adoption at scale, deploying the tool on 90+ enterprise applications with more than 165,000 end users from all Deloitte member firms, reducing employee support tickets by 30%.

Realizing the value it brings to its own employees, Deloitte Consulting went from being a WalkMe customer to forming a strategic alliance with the platform in November 2021. Since then, the alliance has seen success delivering advisory, implementation, and managed services of the WalkMe platform.

Digital Adoption at Scale

Learn more about how WalkMe helped Deloitte achieve a return on
its technology investments through digital adoption.

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Adoption of our technology solutions is critical to achieving return on investment. WalkMe helps with that adoption by engaging our employees directly within our internal applications and providing just in time guidance, which increases self-service and adoption and reduces support tickets submitted to our internal applications.

– Doug Beaudoin, Chief Information Officer, Deloitte Services LP

What is the WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform (DAP)?

The WalkMe DAP is an interactive, online guidance and engagement platform. It enables organizations to optimize workflows by leveraging data and then take action to simplify user experiences across enterprise applications. Users benefit from real-time, step-by-step guidance to complete their business processes and answer their questions quickly and simply.

Services and solutions

Combine Deloitte’s change management experience with WalkMe’s best-in-class digital adoption platform to drive long-lasting, fully realized digital adoption.

Harness innovative on-screen solutions

Deloitte's Human Capital specialists can deploy cutting-edge WalkMe solutions to power your adoption strategy and create an impactful digital experience for your users.

Leverage certified WalkMe specialists

Deploy WalkMe from a dedicated services center with partner-certified training on WalkMe capabilities, development, and ongoing support.

Scale across the enterprise

Drive return on investment (ROI) of software, and provide consistent self-service support through ongoing collaboration with Deloitte on WalkMe solutions that align with your digital adoption goals.



Our thinking

Our thinking

A primer on Process Adoption

Highlights from Deloitte’s session at WalkMe’s Realize conference

In October 2023, Deloitte sponsored Realize, an annual future-focused conference presented by WalkMe, highlighting the latest trends, strategies, and leading practices within digital adoption. At this year’s conference, Deloitte’s Daniel Csoka and John Prescott hosted a breakout session on Process Adoption, the combined capability of Process Mining and Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) to drive measurable business value through process improvement and technology adoption.

2023 Human Capital Trends Report

New Foundations for a boundaryless world

The boundaries that were once assumed to be the natural order of things are falling away as disruption and discontinuity challenge traditional models and assumptions about work. Organizations and workers must traverse this new landscape together, calling on a new set of fundamentals to navigate the boundaryless world.

WalkMe HR Trends Webinar

HR trends: Designing digital experiences for maximum impact

Deloitte Consulting's Change Services' US Practice Leader, Lee Merovitz, and Insights2Actions' Vice President and Chief Analyst, David Mallon, join WalkMe for a deep dive into emerging HR trends and discuss how to realize the value of technology investments with a human-centric software strategy using Digital Adoption Platforms such as WalkMe.

The Evolution of Digital Adoption

Elevate 2022

Deloitte Consulting's John Prescott, DAP Services Manager, joins other visionary thought leaders to discuss the evolution of the digital adoption industry and profession at Elevate 2022, WalkMe's annual event designed to propel DAP Professionals to the next phase of their career development.

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Lee  Merovitz

Lee  Merovitz

US Leader | Change Services Practice

Lee leads Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Change practice, which focuses on helping clients solve business issues through aligning their people and capabilities with complex technology and functional needs.... More

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