Deloitte and AuditBoard Alliance

Deep experience plus technology for improved governance

The Deloitte-AuditBoard alliance offers you a smart efficient offering for managing risk, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance, and internal audit. Achieve greater efficiencies and inform business decisions by combining Deloitte’s tech-driven, subject-matter knowledge with AuditBoard’s innovative cloud-based platform for managing internal audit, risk, and compliance.

About our alliance

Deloitte has long helped organizations instill, automate, and modernize governance, risk, and compliance—while still managing the total cost. To help shift the focus from hindsight to foresight, we frequently leverage leading technologies. This future-forward view is at the heart of our alliance with AuditBoard.

AuditBoard was founded by enterprise audit, risk, and compliance professionals who built the platform based on two experience-based beliefs: that managing internal controls and fieldwork shouldn’t be manual and that teams freed from administrative tasks can create more business value. Their vision was informed by their professional experience as auditors and their knowledge is embedded in their offerings.

Three important qualities distinguish and differentiate AuditBoard: usability, flexibility, and customer experience. The platform is easy to use, and it can be custom-tailored to the risk and control needs of many different organizations. Further, their customer service is exceptional—in part, because they take pride in hiring auditors who deeply understand this business.

— Ashok Parmar, Audit & Assurance Partner, Deloitte Accounting Advisory & Transformation Services

Through this strategic alliance and Deloitte’s position as AuditBoard’s certified implementation service provider, we can help your organization transform governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) into more efficient, effective programs for protecting and adding value to your business.

The Deloitte-AuditBoard alliance aims to enhance your organization’s ability to:

  • Focus on key risks and design purpose-built monitoring activities and controls based on the risk through implementation of Deloitte’s methodology for SOX modernization and compliance.
  • Tap into Deloitte’s internal control experience to create efficiencies in compliance testing by aligning key activities, modernizing the view and mitigation of risks, and digitizing control-testing activities.
  • Execute diagnostics to enhance AuditBoard combined offerings, as well as your user experience.
  • Integrate AuditBoard's platform with Deloitte’s Nexus Digital Nerve CenterTM—Deloitte’s cutting-edge digital control-testing tool designed to help organizations automate control-testing capabilities and accelerate their ability to take corrective actions that mitigate exposure and reduce residual risk.
  • Access timely results in one central place for all risk and control needs, efficiently integrating advanced technologies to further accelerate your SOX modernization efforts.

When you have a range of data and information—accounting, finance, SOX/internal controls—that touches all aspects of your business, it’s inefficient to aggregate manually. With this alliance, you have the in-depth knowledge of Deloitte professional services combined with the technology, in order to make the tool as effective as possible.

— Lindsay Rosenfeld, Audit & Assurance Managing Director and Governance, Risk, and Controls Service Offering Leader, Deloitte Accounting Advisory & Transformation Services

Enhancing our services

Through this alliance, Deloitte can provide enhanced governance, risk, and controls services, including but not limited to SOX/Internal Control over Financial Reporting (ICFR), Controls Advisory, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), and Internal Audit (IA).

Deloitte’s capabilities align with AuditBoard platform features in the following ways:

  • Deloitte’s SOX and ICFR Services (including SOX readiness, SOX modernization, and Deloitte co-sourcing model) work together with the SOXHUB1 tool to provide real-time insight with custom role-based dashboards and reports. Sync updates across risk, controls, and testing with simplified documentation. Automate admin reporting and simplify various tasks for SOX reporting.
  • Deloitte can help you create or redesign risk management programs and build reports within the AuditBoard platform with RiskOversight2. It allows us to help you elevate risk management programs by integrating strategic, operational, and IT risks. This increased visibility can help inform key business decisions, centralize risk management, and streamline your risk assessments to save time.
  • Deloitte’s Cyber & Strategic Risk Services, working together with CrossComply3, can help you manage risks and compliance obligations through process and workflow automation across the enterprise including operational, financial, third party, business resiliency, regulatory compliance, cyber and IT, and internal audit integrated risk management. Tap into a centralized management platform and automation processes to increase collaboration and efficiency.
  • Deloitte’s Internal Audit Services leverages OpsAudit4 to help you streamline and boost internal audit capabilities. Deliver more strategic value throughout your audit programs with centralized audit management. Get real-time visibility into the status of your audit plan, reporting, and remediation status, all while facilitating greater collaboration and enhancing project agility and value.

Learn more about how Deloitte’s seasoned professionals and AuditBoard’s intelligent, collaborative, connected risk management platform can help you elevate your audit, risk, and compliance teams and GRC programs.

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Lindsay Rosenfeld

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Ashok Parmar

Ashok Parmar

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Ashok is a partner with Deloitte & Touche LLP, based in the Los Angeles office, leading growth in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications industry with a focus on assisting and advising clients o... More

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