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Internal Audit

From Vision to Value, We’re Transforming Trust with Technology.

Internal Audit (IA) requirements are constantly evolving, yet constraints on resources can make it difficult to keep up. We help our clients to elevate their impact by infusing value at every stage of the internal audit process. We team with your IA function to deliver purpose driven, digitally powered internal audits leveraging automation, analytics, dynamic risk assessment, and agile methodology that align with your strategy. Let us help you anticipate risk and put the right processes and controls in place today to meet the challenges of the future.

IT internal audit

Our IT Internal Audit services professionals offer solutions to help clients extend their internal audit oversight and performance, addressing IT risks as well as broader organization-wide business risks, such as cybersecurity.

Through a cybersecurity assessment framework we are assisting Internal Audit functions with providing an objective assessment of existing and needed controls. We are also helping audit committees and boards recognize and address the diverse risks of the digital world. Stay one step ahead with a cyber risk management examination.

Explore our view of internal audit’s role in cyber.

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Digital internal audit

Technological advances and trends in advanced analytics, robotic process automation, and cognitive intelligence are rapidly reshaping business models, improving productivity, and enabling innovation in the way organizations operate and conduct business. We help IA departments assess and understand the new opportunities associated with these technologies so they remain proactive in advising senior management on preventing and detecting new and emerging risks.

Learn more about insights-driven auditing.

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In a full outsourcing arrangement, Deloitte serves as the IA function. Deloitte’s Internal Audit services professionals help provide organizations with a greater level of assurance. We also offer insights and recommendations on business strategy execution and the redeployment of valuable resources toward achieving strategic goals and objectives.

In a cosourcing arrangement, we assist clients in building upon existing strengths while improving overall value. The client maintains control and responsibility for the day-to-day function while Deloitte provides “on-demand” advice, leading practices, and experienced professionals with industry and specialized business and/or technical capabilities. 

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As a leading provider of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) services, we have a broad view of requirements—from the initial top-down risk assessment, scoping, and planning to practice documentation, testing, and assessment of design and operating effectiveness through the timely reporting and evaluation of results.

We use an innovative and proactive approach that incorporates the right tools and techniques to help you deploy the solutions that are right for you. And the models we leverage enable you to properly focus on gaining the necessary efficiencies and effectiveness in the SOX program.

Explore the benefits of a proactive system for internal controls.

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Agile internal audit

We help clients apply agile methodology to internal auditing. By taking an iterative, time-boxed approach, agile methods support a collaborative environment for audit and the organization, enabling them to solve business problems with speed.

Learn more about Agile internal audit.

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Pre-IPO internal audit

Increasingly, fast-growing private companies are realizing the value of the Internal Audit function prior to entering public markets. In a rapidly evolving business environment, we advise on anticipated changes that come with public market entry and assist clients in building controls and processes from the ground up.

Furthermore, our Internal Audit services team works to identify regulatory, compliance, and strategic risks that may inhibit the velocity of growth and long-term viability of the organization. Speed and iteration are crucial. And through the adoption of our Agile Internal Audit methodology, we move with the speed of our fastest moving clients.

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Strategy, assessments, innovation, and transformation

We work closely with internal audit functions to assist them with:

  • Assessing alignment to their business structure, risk profile, and The Institute of Internal Auditors' standards
  • Identifying strategic orientation
  • Detecting and mitigating risks to assist in the execution of their corporate strategies
  • Keeping abreast of leading practices and emerging trends
  • Benchmarking data

Our leading-class capabilities and insights allow us to help clients evaluate, innovate, and elevate their IA functions to higher performance.

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Sarah  Fedele

Sarah  Fedele

Principal | Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory

Sarah leads the US Internal Audit (IA) practice within Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory and is a member of Deloitte’s Global Internal Audit executive team. In these roles, Sarah and her teams are hy... More

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