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Deloitte is contemporizing the Internal Audit (IA) profession through technology-enabled methodologies that help business leaders turn insight into foresight. We lean on innovation to deliver results with more accuracy, efficiency and value; and seamlessly coordinate global resources to deliver a tailored, industry-aligned client experience. Developing and delivering ideas which are focused not just on any tomorrow, but on your tomorrow. Making an impact that matters, together. See where a new approach to Internal Audit can take you. See where insights lead.


By cosourcing the IA function, many organizations find that they can redeploy valuable resources toward business activities that allow them to more effectively execute their business strategy and achieve their strategic goals and objectives.
Cosourcing is a flexible and collaborative approach to support existing internal audit organizations. Our practitioners assist clients in building on existing strengths while improving overall value. The client maintains control and responsibility for the function while Deloitte provides “on-demand” advice, leading practices, and experienced professionals with industry and specialized business and/or technical capabilities.


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IT Internal Audit

Information Technology Internal Audit (IT IA) services help clients extend their internal audit oversight and performance, addressing IT risks as well as broader organization-wide business risks. Deloitte helps connect IT and IA to gain a greater understanding of the risks and opportunities that come with today's systems, applications and other technologies. Our focus on emerging IT audit, security, governance and risk issues—combined with our extensive industry experience—can better enable you to navigate IT challenges, manage organization-wide risks and elevate the role of IA.

Our services include:

  • Delivering technical knowledge to the internal audit risk assessment and audit plan development
  • Executing core IT internal audits, such as general computer controls, information security, pre- and post-implementation reviews, and database and network audits
  • Performing IT audits of advanced and emerging technologies, such as cloud computing, social media, mobile devices and end user computing
  • Elevating the value received from IT internal audits through more strategic roles

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Internal Audit Analytics

As the business environment grows increasingly complex, IA is being asked to support the organization by delivering deeper insight and greater value more efficiently and effectively. That is why many IA functions are turning to business analytics. And why many leading organizations are leveraging Deloitte’s internal audit analytics skills and experience.
By focusing on continuous monitoring and continuous auditing, project analytics and beyond, our internal audit analytics specialists can help your organization embrace enhancements in data mining technology and data visualization tools, move toward more sophisticated risk analysis and monitoring, and reveal greater insights for improved operations and decision-making.


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IA and the Digital Enterprise

Organizations today are embracing new digital technologies to leapfrog and keep pace with growing competition in the marketplace. Powerful platforms—such as mobile, analytics, social media, cloud and cyber intelligence—can potentially impact every facet of the organization, leading to new opportunities. But these emerging technologies and platforms can also introduce significant disruptive forces into the business.
The convergence of these macro forces is reflecting a new basis for competition, changing the environment in which we both live and work and becoming the core of the “Digital Enterprise.” Therefore, it is critical for internal audit to understand the risks of integration as constantly changing digital technologies become the norm.
Our focus on IA and the Digital Enterprise examines how organizations can leverage the disruptive forces of digital technologies, mitigate emerging risks and capitalize on breakthrough thinking. These issues can serve as the starting point for a crucial dialogue on helping your company achieve its goals as a Digital Enterprise.


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As businesses become more complex, broader resources and deeper specialization can be gained via outsourcing internal audit to Deloitte’s highly skilled practitioners.
In a full outsourcing arrangement, Deloitte serves as the IA function. Our experienced professionals, industry-leading practices, and tools and capabilities provide internal audit outsourcing services to meet our clients’ specific business needs. By leveraging our multi-disciplinary capabilities, Deloitte’s internal audit professionals can help provide organizations with a greater level of assurance, as well as insights and recommendations on business strategy execution and redeploying valuable resources toward achieving strategic goals and objectives.


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Strategy, Assessments and More

Deloitte’s internal audit specialists help our clients assess and transform their IA functions to world-class levels. We work closely with clients in a wide range of industries, assisting them with assessing alignment to their business structure, risk profile and Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) standards; identifying strategic orientation; detecting and mitigating risks to assist in the execution of their corporate strategies; keeping abreast of leading practices and emerging trends; and benchmarking data. Our leading-class capabilities and insights allow us to help clients evaluate, innovate and elevate their IA functions to higher performance.


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Meet the Leader

Sandy Pundmann

Sandy Pundmann

Partner | Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory

As a partner with Deloitte & Touche LLP, Sandy leads the US Internal Audit practice. She works with CEOs, chief risk officers, chief audit executives, and compliance officers to help develop company-s... More