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Internal audit (IA) is constantly evolving and growing as a function to keep up with the demands of the business. How can you keep pace—and get ahead—of the rate of change? Explore our latest perspectives and happenings to learn about the current—and future—state of IA.


Wall Street Journal Risk & Compliance Journal features

Internal Audit of the Future

Future of Work: Ways of working in uncertain times

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Several pivotal events over the last few years have exposed the many forms of inequity, discrimination, and social injustice that remain in the U.S., galvanizing efforts to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within the workforce. Learn how IA can be a leader for DEI changes within the IA function and also for the broader organization.

Environmental, social, and governance

Stakeholder expectations are driving change. The rapid pace of change from voluntary to authoritative Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) disclosures presents new challenges, requiring organizations to be more proactive and agile. Discover how IA is strategically positioned to support and accelerate an organization’s ESG approach.

Risk assessment excellence

Many evolving trends call for a new approach to risk assessment. A Dynamic Risk Assessment (DRA) can help to cut across functional siloes and enable a more proactive, agile response. Explore how IA is uniquely positioned to facilitate an enterprise-wide DRA transformation and how it can benefit your organization.


Dig into the elements that go into an Agile transformation and how we can help your organization align on the current and future state of your operating model, experience Agile “boot camp” and much more. Learn how your organization can benefit from better audits, faster value, and a happier and empowered culture.



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