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Supporting SOX implementation and management at any stage 

Some organizations are new to the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act, while others have long faced its requirements. No matter how mature your SOX program is, it can likely be made more efficient and less burdensome. We can meet you wherever you are in your SOX journey, then offer solutions tailored to your needs.


The SOX management challenge

SOX compliance is a fundamental yet complex part of an organization’s governance, risk, and controls environment. SOX implementation and management requires frameworks, assessments, and reporting. It depends on people, processes, and technology working together seamlessly.

Companies new to SOX may find that designing and implementing an internal control framework for compliance can be complex and put a strain on the resources of the organization if not properly planned for. Those already complying with SOX may struggle to achieve efficient and effective Internal Control over Financial Reporting (ICFR) testing and results analysis. Implementing controls for nonrecurring or significant transactions, evaluation of existing controls, and responding to significant deficiencies and material weaknesses may also be difficult.

Establishing of a flexible, scalable, efficient, and effective SOX and ICFR environment can help companies maintain compliance, improve transparency to those charged with governance, and reduce disruption of their business.

Deloitte’s SOX and ICFR services

No matter where your SOX program maturity stands today, Deloitte can help you address your current and future challenges.

For private companies planning an IPO, we can build a SOX readiness program that works for your organization. For existing issuers, we can help you modernize your program through operating model transformation, process enhancement, and technology enablement.

Our team can help you address a range of SOX program needs:

  • SOX readiness
  • SOX modernization
  • Specific transactions (e.g., postmerger integration of controls, ERP implementations)
  • Ongoing SOX compliance

Whatever your needs, we can help you take them on.

SOX readiness

SOX governance, risk, and compliance can be complex for companies that are first-time passengers on their SOX journey. Before a public listing or acquisition, we can proactively help you evaluate your current state, enhance or design controls, and map out an ongoing compliance plan. This SOX implementation approach may help reduce the risk of noncompliance even before SOX officially applies to you.

Our SOX readiness team can help you identify, understand, and assess your current-state capabilities, processes, and controls. Then, we can provide recommendations for augmenting those controls or implementing new ones to help you:

  • Plan for change;
  • Create synergies;
  • Reduce disruptions;
  • Provide transparent insight to those charged with governance; and
  • Enhance communication and collaboration.

SOX program services

Just because you already implemented a SOX compliance program doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. We focus on your SOX program’s operating model, processes, and technology to help you drive greater efficiency, quality, and cost savings. Using organization-specific insights, our program services can implement innovative SOX approaches that range from on-the-ground support to full-on outsourcing. And we can help turn traditional compliance-focused programs into forward-looking, risk-oriented systems.

Are you looking for guidance with creating your SOX readiness road map?

Contact us to learn more about our workshops.

Why Deloitte?

  • Our deep subject-matter knowledge and specialized experience allows us to provide significant insight into the process and hit the ground running.
  • We have an effective and efficient approach and demonstrated risk-based methodology that are focused on what matters.
  • Our innovative tools facilitate efficient coordination and drive effectiveness.
  • We offer a flexible and scalable approach that aids the readiness assessment and reduces internal disruptions throughout execution.

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