Deloitte's SOXwise™ Solution

Simplifying Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance

What if you could achieve SOX compliance with higher quality, greater flexibility, and reduced costs while executing more strategic decisions around your capital allocations? You can, with SOXwise.

What’s your approach to SOX compliance?

Sarbanes-Oxley compliance mandates are a must for publicly traded companies. But 16 years later, organizations are still struggling to find the balance between controlling costs, managing SOX compliance with ease and confidence, and driving quality for the business.

Moreover, emerging companies preparing for future growth (such as M&A or IPO) should consider taking a critical look upfront at SOX compliance programs. In doing so, they can seek an approach that fits the organization in its current state—and grow along with the organization. A managed services approach can help provide that flexibility, bringing effectiveness and operational efficiency from the get-go while supporting the expectations of management, auditors, and regulators.


Reimagining SOX compliance

Organizations need to shift from a traditional SOX compliance approach to one that can help modernize their overall strategy. At Deloitte, we’re helping clients improve SOX compliance, limit risks, and achieve a total lower cost of compliance while focusing on quality and reliability.

Deloitte’s SOXwiseTM solution is designed to help strengthen your control environment and procedures, standardize processes, and decrease complexity. Leveraging our distinct managed services model, we bring together specialists with deep domain and industry experience, demonstrated processes, and innovative technology to operate critical SOX functions on an ongoing basis.

Our solution helps organizations effectively manage the SOX compliance lifecycle—from risk assessment, design, controls testing, and monitoring to remediation and reporting. SOXwise is supported by sophisticated, data-driven technology and analytics to help standardize documentation, workflow, and reporting.

The bottom line: We can help your management and independent auditors stay in lockstep while driving the operational effectiveness of your internal controls for financial reporting (ICFR) procedures.


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Why SOXwise?

Is SOXwise the right fit for your organization?

A few questions to consider:

  • Do you have control failures due to lack of internal controls not being properly performed, enforced, or monitored?
  • Are you looking to reduce your compliance burden while increasing the effectiveness of ICFR?
  • Do you have inadequate skills or fragmented processes to address US SEC and PCAOB regulatory requirements? Are these manual processes? 
  • Do you lack domain experience, knowledge, and leading practices, which could lead to higher costs of doing business?
  • Have you tapped into automation and technology breakthroughs that could help increase efficiencies in your SOX program?

Contact us to learn more about how SOXwise can help you more effectively manage your SOX compliance.


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