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Rapid changes and unprecedented activity—from new participants in the public arena, activations of new companies, formation of new lines of business, or M&A—are affecting shareholder value and may also be raising concerns of increased regulation and compliance requirements.


Controls advisory and implementation

Internal controls compliance today is more than just achieving the baseline. It needs to add value. Our integrated controls advisory services are designed to help organizations enhance their approach to compliance. We use emerging technologies (robotics, cognitive computing, and data analytics) to help you shift the focus of your controls function from hindsight to foresight.

Our suite of tech-enabled services can help executives gain a better understanding of their current state of controls, spot trends, identify opportunities, and change behavior. Fostering insights and engagement, these digital tools can help your controls team keep pace with growth, navigate regulatory and cultural shifts, and protect business value in a quick and cost-efficient manner.

These services are also flexible and scalable. By working across your entire controls spectrum, they can help you address a range of scenarios, from specific pain points to wholesale change.


SOX and ICFR services

Compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) is a governance, risk, and controls challenge for many companies. Meeting your compliance obligations and regulatory requirements require the right people, processes, and technology. A balanced and streamlined approach to your compliance efforts can help keep management abreast of internal controls for financial reporting (ICFR) hot topics, trends, and regulatory areas of focus. This can also serve to support proactive alignment with your independent auditors in lockstep, increasing ICFR efficiency and effectiveness.

We have SOX-related services for any SOX program stage, from IPO readiness to modernization of your existing end-to-end program on individual processes. Let us help you modernize your SOX program to gain efficiencies, enhance quality, and reduce the cost of compliance.


Governance, risk, and controls for private companies

Private companies may not be as regulated as their public counterparts, but risk management and internal controls still have value. That value isn’t only for companies getting ready for a public listing. It’s also for companies that want transparent financial and operational information available for decision-making and reporting. Our risk-based approach to controls can help private companies shore up internal controls to increase certainty about information from across the organization.

Explore our series on internal controls for private companies

Digital risk management

Digital transformation is driving new ways of doing business and redefining how work is done. But these advanced technologies also present a new need for governance and control. Keeping pace with the risks digital transformation brings can be a challenge. Deloitte can help. Our professionals have deep experience in navigating through the risks to help you accelerate your performance.

Governance advisory and implementation

Accounting is as complex as ever. Operations, workforce, and infrastructure may all need modernization to meet your rapidly changing business needs. We can support the evolution of your financial governance organization by providing services related to technical and operational accounting with integrated controls and enhanced reporting and analytics.

More for your internal audit team

SOX compliance is often the responsibility of an internal audit (IA) function that, in many organizations, has higher expectations today than ever. For SOX and beyond, Deloitte assists IA teams with innovative methods, advanced analytics, and labs. We not only deliver assurance, but also advise on critical business issues and anticipate risks.

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Adam Berman

Adam Berman

Partner | Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory

Adam Berman is a Partner in Deloitte’s Risk and Financial Advisory practice and has over twenty years of experience as an Internal Controls Specialist. He currently leads our Digital Controls market o... More

Lindsay Rosenfeld

Lindsay Rosenfeld

Partner l Deloitte & Touche LLP

Lindsay is an Audit & Assurance partner for Deloitte & Touche LLP with a focus on the Automotive Industry. She serves the large public and private multinational clients based in the United States and ... More

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