smart data delivering business advantage


Deloitte and Informatica Alliance

Smart Data. Delivering business advantage

Together Deloitte and Informatica can help you take control of your biggest data needs from integration, quality, and management, to data governance and security. We’ll deliver smart data that gleans powerful insights and unlocks potential you never knew existed.

About our alliance

Data is more than just the numbers and files you move around. When you manage your data the right way, you can unlock insights that help you better understand and run your business. Deloitte managed services for Informatica can help you take control of your biggest data needs from integration, quality, and management, to data governance and security. We’ll deliver smart data that gleans powerful insights and unlocks potential you never knew existed. Let us know where you want to go, and we’ll help you transform and modernize your enterprise with the right technology and without any downtime. We’ll disrupt the way you manage your data—without disrupting your day-to-day—so you can see the bigger picture.

With more than 6,000 practitioners experienced in Informatica products globally, and a network of member firms that reaches 150 countries, we have the scale, scope, and capabilities to help you make it happen.

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Smart data delivering business advantage

Partner of the Year awards

Deloitte was named Informatica’s 2022 Global Partner of the Year and GSI Partner of the Year - North America. Through these awards, Informatica recognizes Deloitte for investing in the highest levels of capacity and capability and has also secured the highest impact in revenue performance. This award distinguishes Deloitte as a leading provider of managed services for Informatica, delivering smart data that gleans powerful insights and unlocks valuable potential for clients.

Deloitte’s ReadyData

Businesses are demanding more reliable data at a faster pace to power improved insights, as well as AI and automation use cases. Clean master data is critical and foundational to realizing value from digital and technology-enabled business transformation. Discover what this unique offering can do for your organization.

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Learn more about ReadyData

5 Ways to Enhance the Customer Experience with Cloud Data Management

If you want to retain customers, they'll need unique and memorable experiences that keep them highly engaged with your brand and your products. In this paper, we share how connecting your data efficiently and effectively with cloud data management can help you address your top business priorities and keep pace with the rapidly evolving retail landscape. We also provide five proven strategies to help you forge a successful data strategy and support your AI and analytics initiatives.

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How to deliver seamless retail experiences

Reimagining Healthcare and Life Sciences with AI & Analytics

Today’s healthcare and life sciences industry is turning to artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics as the engine driving innovation and value. Attitudes that AI and analytics are bleeding-edge technologies for the future are vanishing — as are the beliefs that security and privacy concerns are roadblocks to the successful deployment of AI. This paper highlights top priorities for AI and analytics initiatives in healthcare and life sciences and offers five proven strategies to make them successful.


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Five ways to accelerate AI & Analytics

Enabling automation-led cloud migrations

Leave behind your legacy on-premises data and analytics ecosystem, siloed data, and disjointed technology strategies to increase efficiencies and save your organization money. The benefits of moving to a modern data platform in cloud outweigh the risks, but it can be daunting, and a troubled initiative can disrupt the enterprise. Deloitte’s Migration Factory offering with Informatica and Snowflake is your end-to-end solution for mitigating risk in cloud migration journey while expediting your move to a future-state platform.


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Your path to data modernization

From Informatica MDM implementation to a data-driven business

The way data is collected, stored, analyzed, distributed, and used has undergone a huge shift over the past few decades. The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand, technology continues to evolve, and more organizations are utilizing big data and cloud applications than ever before. Staying relevant will be dependent on an organization’s ability to leverage data, new applications, and data sources—and a critical component of today's data management strategy is MDM modernization.


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Modernizing MDM for a data-driven business

Elevating business through data management

While many organizations today have a master data management (MDM) strategy in place, they might not be realizing the maximum value of their investment. To optimize ROI and improve customer journeys with more timely and accurate data, businesses should elevate their MDM capabilities. MDM Elevate is a preconfigured solution that augments Informatica’s advanced data management technologies with Deloitte’s domain and industry-leading practices to help organizations extend their MDM capabilities with the power of big data and artificial intelligence (AI).

Women in Data and Artificial Intelligence

Deloitte's Informatica alliance team launched our "Women in Data" program at Informatica World 2018. This initiative was designed to help shine a light on women executives and create a space for women in data science and artificial intelligence careers to network, share stories, and be a part of a supportive community. Deloitte and Informatica are proud to work together to empower women in data through a year-long program of virtual and in-person events. Want to join this program or get more info? Send us an email.

Learn more about Women in Data

Data Advantage–Strategy to Execution: Building an Office of the CDO

Industry 4.0 signifies a new industrial revolution. It’s the transformation in how a business functions; one that communicates, analyzes, and uses data to drive intelligent action. To reap the business benefits driven by data, it typically requires executives to shift their organization’s operations from classic data management to a data advantage perspective that is connected across the enterprise. Establishing a strong Office of the CDO can help your organization better assess, prioritize, and address transformational data issues.

Learn more about CDO smart services

Cloud transformation at Informatica: Celebrating client success

As a leading provider of master data management services, Informatica wanted to transform and streamline sales operations through a company-wide journey to the cloud. With Deloitte as their trusted advisor, Informatica achieved global transformation in how they sell, configure, price, report, and deliver cloud solutions through salesforce configure price quote (CPQ)—while minimizing business disruption.

Informatica on Google Cloud

To increase business and IT alignment on strategic priorities, many organizations have redefined their IT roadmaps to outsource technology hosting and support. For organizations that have determined Google Cloud Platform as a central component of their strategic roadmap, Deloitte provides the ability to host Informatica technology on their preferred cloud vendor. Informatica MDM on Google Cloud, powered by Deloitte, is a turnkey managed services solution that helps businesses modernize their data infrastructure and launch their cloud data management program.

How we work with Informatica and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Evolving market forces are driving disruption across industries, challenging the way companies do business. Deloitte can help you leverage Informatica’s AI-driven Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC), as well as other components of the Informatica Intelligent Platform, to transform your data management capabilities through the combination of Informatica and AWS.

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