Deloitte and Palo Alto Networks Alliance

Secure your environment, accelerate transformation, and realize the full value of your investment in cybersecurity.

Together, Deloitte and Palo Alto Networks help customers simplify complex security infrastructure while increasing speed and agility, helping them to protect their important digital initiatives.

About our alliance

Concerns can become a crisis if not controlled

Cloud misconfiguration isn’t just a common security risk—it can give adversaries easy access to your data. Now is the time for organizations to push toward digital transformation amid the growing need for workforce mobility and flexibility, which can surface additional vulnerabilities across your enterprise. Don’t be passive. Meet the increased scale, complexity, and frequency of cyberattacks head-on before you experience a crisis that can damage your brand, reputation, and expose you to regulatory risk.

Act now before the cybercriminals steal the show

Our integrative, risk- and change-management capabilities, combined with Palo Alto Networks’ cybersecurity platform technologies, allow us to assist our clients in achieving their digital business goals while building secure, agile, and resilient enterprises.

We help organizations to develop and execute an effective, fit-for-purpose, end-to-end approach to cybersecurity. This stands in contrast to the patchwork of tools and solutions that many companies currently employ—along with the gaps, redundancies, costs, and risks that those patchworks generate. Our joint solutions help organizations create a cyber-minded culture and become stronger, faster, more innovative, and more resilient in the face of persistent and ever-changing cyber threats—while accelerating time-to-market and reducing costs. The initial joint offerings of our strategic alliance include, but are not limited to:

Zero Trust Enablement

Zero Trust, a conceptual framework, helps organizations secure the ubiquitous nature of modern enterprise environments. At its core, Zero Trust commits to a risk-based approach to enforcing ‘least privilege’ across the following domains: identities, workloads, data, networks, and devices. Organizations across industries are starting to understand the need for an agile, dynamic security foundation that is resilient to organizational change and flexible enough to meet the challenges faced by modern business, workforce, and technology trends. Zero Trust can help protect the enterprise and spearhead business enablement. Together, we are well-positioned to provide differentiated, high-value solutions to help clients modernize their security stack to deal with the evolving threat landscape and realize their critical business objectives, from simplifying cyber to accelerating speed-to-market and reducing costs.

Multi-Cloud Automation & Orchestration

Leverage automated preventive, detective, and corrective controls across the spectrum of cyber risk domains by embedding security throughout the cloud lifecycle. We provide cloud security services through an innovative, unified, and rapid approach, which can help you reduce your cloud risk window from minutes or hours to near real-time—while significantly decreasing complexity and cost of compliance.

Managed Cyber Defense

Organizations are transacting more businesses online, but these digital transformation opportunities are bringing cyberattack vulnerabilities along with them. Our cyber detection and response services leverage a combination of analytics, threat detection, threat intelligence, and automated orchestration and response capabilities to help clients make their moves with confidence.



Take your cybersecurity from reactive to proactive

Many organizations are on the path of pursuing innovation and agility. A part of the digital transformation journey is migration to the cloud and expanding beyond perimeter-based security models. Our cybersecurity services combined with Palo Alto Networks’ technologies can help your organization to address market drivers and develop high-value solutions to help protect your critical assets and digitally transform your enterprise. Many risks can’t be prevented, but preemptive steps can reveal what you may be overlooking. Adopt an integrated security solution that simplifies complex security architectures and facilitates change in a risk-aware fashion.

Deloitte + Palo Alto Networks, better together

Zero Trust Solutions Secure Software Development Lifecycle

An SSDL model creates a secure-by-design culture with secure development practices, promotes transparency of security vulnerabilities, creates tight collaboration between teams, and drives.

Palo Alto Networks, Inc and Deloitte collaborated on a portfolio of services that utilize the SSDL model to embed security early in the software development lifecycle. The goal is to help to avoid risk and expedite secure multi-cloud adoption and operations through early detection and remediation of vulnerabilities.

The portfolio helps clients enforce security at every stage of the multi-cloud ecosystem through accelerators that enable faster delivery of thoroughly assessed and securely configured infrastructure or applications into cloud environments.

Zero Trust Solutions Secure Software Development Lifecycle

The Journey to Zero Trust with Deloitte and Palo Alto Networks

The Zero Trust concept represents a dramatic shift from the legacy castle-and-moat approach to cybersecurity, which focused on fortifying the perimeter to deter outsiders from accessing corporate data, while implicitly trusting insiders. Deloitte and Palo Alto Networks are working together to help organizations realize their desired outcomes for enterprise modernization and digital transformation initiatives. Deloitte’s industry scale and cybersecurity experience, combined with Palo Alto Networks’ technology portfolio, make it possible to deliver an array of differentiated joint offerings that are tailored to each organization’s Zero Trust journey.

The Journey to Zero Trust with Deloitte and Palo Alto Networks

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