Deloitte Digital and Medallia alliance

Re-imagine customer experience management

​To thrive in today’s digital world, you need to manage customer experience in faster and smarter ways.

About our alliance

To thrive in today’s digital world, it’s important to have the proper insight into customer issues (and successes) and have the ability to act on them in real-time. If you want to adapt to meet customer needs, you need fast and clear visibility into how these customer experiences have impacted overall experience metrics.

The Deloitte Digital and Medallia alliance embrace a simple yet provocative vision. We empower our clients to re-imagine how they connect and engage with customers. Our goal is to not only help you improve customer experience but also to make customer experience management (CEM) an operational and focal part of your business. This means creating a real-time feedback loop that can drive change and deliver measurable results in terms of both customer experience and your organization’s bottom line.

Together, we combine Medallia’s CEM platform with Deloitte Digital’s strategic approach to digital transformation to deliver a differentiated approach to customer experience management that can help our clients see themselves the way their customers do and drive change based on this visibility. Continuously innovating to improve customer experience can demand new approaches to the way the organization makes decisions, assigns accountability, and empowers employees to act quickly.

To learn more, please download the Alliance Overview Brochure.

Re-imagine customer experience management

Medallia’s CEM platform can assist you in managing all of your global customer feedback tracking programs in a single unified system that provides a corporate-wide view of customer health. It enables you to capture input from many sources, including solicited customer feedback, call center tools, social channels, and SMS messages, and enables employees to close the loop with clients in real-time. The platform also provides roles-based reporting, so everyone, from executives to the front line, has access to real-time customer experience data relevant to their position in the organization.