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Deloitte and Blue Prism Alliance

Delivering your next digital workforce

​Together, we bring robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent automation services to global enterprise clients.

Delivering the workforce of the future

About the Deloitte and Blue Prism alliance

Organizations around the world are looking to automate high-volume, highly repeatable processes. Together, Deloitte and Blue Prism develop process automation for our clients, helping to optimize their operations and providing support as they transition to a digital workforce.

Deloitte and Blue Prism work together to provide robotic process automation (RPA) implementation services and intelligent automation services across a wide array of industries and sectors, including financial services, retail, life sciences, and energy.

Deloitte has used Blue Prism technology to address a variety of client business issues and opportunities, as well as for clients' internal applications—building and deploying automation that is configured within an organization's governing IT framework.

Our national and global network of practitioners are skilled in robotic automation and trained to help clients enhance their operations and navigate their cognitive technology journeys.

At Blue Prism World 2018, Deloitte was awarded a Blue Prism Partner Award in Partner Innovation.

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What we do

Deloitte and Blue Prism work together to:

  • Develop robotic and intelligent automation, focused on the heart of the business, to help improve efficiency and lower operating costs
  • Support the development and deployment of revenue- and margin-generating opportunities and next-generation digital solutions
  • Develop managed service solutions through cloud and on-premise deployments
  • Support and enable digital transformation

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What we offer

Deloitte offers clients extensive resources and support to implement best-in-class managed services for RPA solutions, thanks to our:

  • Differentiated approach—Our customized approach, built to fit client needs, positions RPA as an enabler of organizational transformation
  • Knowledgeable team—We have over 250 accredited Blue Prism developers, architects, and engineers, as well as a global presence with a balanced mix of on-site, on-shore, and off-shore practitioners
  • Proven experience—We have conducted Blue Prism implementations across nearly all industries and sectors
  • Resell program—We are a licensed reseller of Blue Prism software, and we're trained to provide support, managed service, and robotics process automation training services
  • Operational Services—We provide managed services for Blue Prism clients after their automation have been implemented, including robot performance utilization and performance monitoring, analytics and optimization recommendations, return on investment (ROI) calculation and metrics reporting, and automation maintenance and support

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Delivering Intelligent Automation at scale

Adopting RPA technology and establishing the right automation strategy are key steps in an organization’s overall journey towards intelligent automation (IA). However, many organizations face challenges when determining how to scale their RPA programs to deliver even greater business value. Deloitte and Blue Prism’s Scaling Lab solution is designed to help organizations explore the potential of IA, identify areas of opportunity, overcome barriers to scaling, and define the right scaling strategy. Delivered as a highly immersive, full-day experience, our Scaling Lab solution helps companies support enterprise scale growth and align on their collective vision, use cases, commitment to action, and tangible next steps to bring their IA program to the next-level.

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Intelligent Automation: What it is. Why it matters.

Organizations across every sector and geography are grappling with what automation is and how to best use automated technologies to maximize ROI for their business. “Calculating real ROI on intelligent automation (IA)”  guides readers through the benefits of RPA and AI technologies and how businesses can best extract its benefits.

Calculating real ROI on intelligent automation (IA)

About Blue Prism

As an RPA pioneer and market leader, Blue Prism® delivers an elastic, multi-faceted, and multi-talented digital workforce that complements human talent, and helps organizations scale business process automation via AI, machine learning, intelligent automation solutions, and sentiment analysis. Blue Prism drives enterprise RPA adoption through a business-led, IT-endorsed methodology and architecture that meets the most demanding IT security, compliance, and scalability requirements.

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