Deloitte and IBM alliance

Smarter teaming puts technology to work

Our alliance combines IBM's leading technologies with Deloitte's industry, business and technical knowledge to help global enterprises solve tough business issues. For more than 17 years, our smarter teaming approach has generated even more value for our clients.

Why choose the Deloitte and IBM Alliance

Technology is reshaping how work gets done, how businesses grow, and how markets and industries evolve. In this fast-changing world, many leaders find it’s nearly impossible to keep up with emerging technologies that may add value to their organizations. That's where our alliance relationship can help.

With a track record of achievement that spans more than 17 years, the Deloitte and IBM alliance combines the strengths of both organizations to help global enterprises address their toughest business issues. This ‘smarter teaming' approach often results in better service and higher value for our joint clients. We collaborate with IBM to help business leaders design and implement solutions to improve operations and performance. And we don't stop there. Clients also draw on the strength of our relationship to develop and deliver innovative products and services that can lead to disruptions of business models and markets—and competitive advantages.

Our alliance offerings unite the depth and breadth of IBM's technology portfolio with Deloitte's practical, innovative solutions and deep industry knowledge. By working together, Deloitte and IBM offer capabilities that can be tailored to focus on the business issues important to our clients. Our investments and scale are aligned around those issues to deliver broad value-based solutions.

How we can help: Teaming to drive repeatable value

Clients today are looking for new models as a way to address business disruptions. With smarter teaming, Deloitte and IBM collaborate when it is advantageous to our joint clients, investing time, capabilities, money and people to build out the alliance and leverage appropriate resources.

When you work with us, your organization gains:

  • A dedicated alliance team to facilitate the development and delivery of services and solutions, including support for enhanced project delivery, effective technology fit and integration, efficient resource utilization, and lower overall costs
  • Access to key IBM resources including a variety of hardware, software and services resources as well as IBM education and complementary tools
  • Technology investments to help reduce clients’ development costs and accelerate time to market
  • Education and enablement support
  • Pre-configured, pre-tested, industry-specific services and solutions
  • Deloitte’s time-tested methodologies to help global corporations in their efforts to leverage IBM technologies to develop cutting-edge business solutions while more effectively mitigating risk

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IBM + Deloitte: Smarter together

The road to agility

Learn more about the MES HealthInteractive platform, which helps states meet federal Medicaid Enterprise System guidelines by enabling quick and efficient responses to the needs of citizens.

Deloitte and IBM service programs

Deloitte and IBM work together to develop technology solutions—called “programs”—that are focused on solving specific business problems. Platforms typically involve multiple elements—technology solutions, professional capabilities, joint projects, and other strategic initiatives. Some platforms are mature, having served the test of time, while others are emerging, offering opportunities for new ways to serve our joint clients.

Capability and Solution programs:

  • Analytics
    Deloitte has a long and successful record of teaming with IBM in the analytics space, supporting our clients in becoming insight-driven organizations that ask questions first, then apply advanced analytical and machine learning techniques for more efficient decision-making processes. Learn more about our Power 8 Deloitte Analytics Greenhouse and Download our Deloitte IBM Analytics Success Stories brochure.
  • Application Modernization
    The Deloitte Application Modernization Studio utilizes third-party software to convert clients’ legacy applications into modern code that can be utilized for transformational business projects including mobility, big data, and analytics. The Deloitte and IBM Alliance collaborated with the SI Studio team to develop the IBM Power8 and Flash Technology Studio environment and provide product capability and awareness, client identification, and technical support.
  • Counter Fraud Management/Financial Crime
    Deloitte has selected IBM CFM to power their Counter Fraud Management & Financial Crime capabilities across Asia and Canada, leveraging the enhanced, next generation, integrated solution that addresses all phases of enterprise strategy and response. Typical Financial Crime Use Cases
  • Customer Engagement
    Deloitte can help clients break down traditional silos between sales, marketing, and customer services, focusing on the customer experience and acting on customer signals.
  • Cyber Risk Services
    Designed to help clients govern more effectively, achieve high level of performance, comply with regulatory requirements, and manage evolving risks. Download our Security Intelligence Framework to learn more.
  • Watson Platform
    Deloitte and IBM are working together to address both the opportunities and threats brought about by the era of cognitive computing. Learn more about Watson.
  • Cloud
    Cloud will play a starring role in defining the next evolution, and IBM’s broad portfolio of offerings and flexible cloud approach will provide the bridge from the old to the new. Following a similar path, Deloitte is responding to clients who are asking for a variety of solutions, ranging from traditional software, to consumption-based billing, to cloud-native applications.
  • Cloud Integration/Systems Integration
    Deloitte’s Systems Integration (SI) practice helps clients bring focus to their toughest integration challenges across the technology lifecycle—from requirements to architecture, testing to deployment, and lifecycle management.
  • Blockchain
    Blockchain is going to disrupt the way business is conducted. Deloitte and IBM have each made substantial Blockchain investments and are evaluating how to collaborate by identifying use cases for initial development. This real-time opportunity highlights the collaborative nature of our smarter teaming philosophy. Learn more about Blockchain powered by IBM LinuxOne.

Industry platforms:

Financial Services
The Deloitte and IBM Alliance brings unparalleled experience, knowledge and skills to assist financial services companies in addressing their toughest business issues.

Life Science Healthcare
The Life Sciences & Healthcare industry poses great opportunities for Deloitte and IBM to serve our joint clients. For example, Deloitte’s cooperation with IBM Watson Health demonstrates our mutual goal of enabling better care by surfacing insights from the massive amounts of personal and academic health data.

In conjunction with IBM technologies, Deloitte can help retailers break down traditional silos between sales, marketing, and customer service focusing on the customer experience and acting on customer signals. Deloitte and IBM aim to provide retail clients a deeper understanding of what is happening beyond basic analytics; offering real-time predictive analytics so businesses can have more in-context, real-time personalized conversations. As customer expectations rise, businesses must now provide customers targeted and timely interactions. Deloitte and IBM are working together to help business address this shift and respond immediately with relevant, personal engagements.

Federal Government
Deloitte is dedicated to being at the forefront of emerging technology trends and assisting our various federal clients, in different countries, with the latest technology solutions that can help them build their business and expand into new frontiers. One example is a framework we developed for improving and streamlining the federal budgeting process

State & Local Government
The State Government practice designs, develops, and deploys robust technology systems powered by IBM technology in order to meet state agency requirements and ultimately bring value to their constituents.