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Deloitte and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Alliance

Delivering hybrid cloud for your digital enterprise

Deloitte and HPE deliver hybrid cloud solutions focused on solving your biggest business challenges. Combining Deloitte’s deep industry and functional experience with HPE’s innovative technologies, our joint offerings across SAP, Hybrid Cloud, edge computing, and Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) are built to achieve targeted business outcomes.

Deloitte at HPE Discover 2020

This year, Discover 2020 will be a virtual event. The event will kick off on June 23 and serve as an opportunity to connect and discover how to address key business challenges while transforming for tomorrow. Deloitte is proud to sponsor!

Join us! Register at the HPE Discover 2020 website.

Deloitte Speaking Sessions:

Delivering Real Business Outcomes With the Deloitte Hybrid Cloud

  • Presented by: Myke Miller, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP and Balbir Wadhwa, Specialist Lead, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Attend our Hybrid Cloud and Factory AI live demos:

Join the Deloitte team for two live demos. Our IoT-Enabled Blockchain with SAP on the Deloitte Hybrid Cloud demo on Tuesday, June 23, will demonstrate how Deloitte's hybrid cloud solution addresses critical supply chain challenges. The Factory AI demo on Wednesday, June 24, will feature Smart Factory and I4.0 technologies and will explore how IIoT, Edge Processing, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Sensors, and Augmented Reality work in concert to drive value.

IoT-Enabled Blockchain with SAP on Deloitte Hybrid Cloud

Tuesday, June 23, 10:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m. PST

  • Presented by: Balbir Wadwha, Cloud Engineering Specialist Leader

Live FactoryAI Demo

Wednesday, June 24, 10:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m. PST

  • Presented by: Stephen Laaper, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Cloud IT

Cloud IT is a state of transformation. It is an emerging paradigm combining traditional IT with public and private cloud computing that requires a vision and strategy developed uniquely to your company. Deloitte’s Cloud practice amplifies the value of HPE’s technology solutions by providing end-to-end, managed hybrid cloud capabilities and experiences, tailored to your business needs. We handle the complexity so you can concentrate on the business.

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Deloitte Hybrid Cloud, powered by HPE Greenlake

Are you ready to transform your business and take advantage of the value and benefits that Deloitte’s managed hybrid cloud has to offer? At every step along your cloud journey, Deloitte brings the right mix of HPE certified talent, end-to-end cloud capabilities, and technical relationships to help you unlock the possible within your enterprise. By working together, we can help you solve your biggest challenges, accelerate time to value, and deliver the outcome to support your business.

Experience across major industries

Life Sciences and Health Care

  • SAP S/4 transformation
  • IT transformation, datacenter modernization

Technology | Media | Entertainment

  • SAP S/4 transformation
  • IT transformation, datacenter modernization

Energy, Resources, and Industrials

  • SAP S/4 transformation
  • IoT enabled asset monitoring and maintenance
  • AI/ML

Consumer and Industrials products

  • Smart factory, connected consumer
  • SAP S/4 transformation
  • IT transformation, datacenter modernization

Intelligent Edge

Smart Factory unlock your business’ potential with Smart Factory solutions

For manufacturers, advancing your organization’s digital maturity takes more than just technology—it requires the convergence of people, processes, and assets, into a digital thread. These four pillars are the foundation for efficient operations within the digital enterprise. Our Smart Factory solutions can be architected with HPE’s edge computing across a wide array of enabling technologies, creating insights, and augmenting human performance to help overcome complex challenges, monitor asset efficiency and product quality, address key business objectives, and boost visibility, safety and performance across the digital supply network.

Start your Smart Factory journey here.

Listen to the intelligent edge "User Friendly" podcast series

Advanced connectivity, the internet of things, and artificial intelligence are converging to drive the next evolution of the digital world. Only now it’s becoming physical, digital, and intelligent. Tune in to the podcast to hear from Sandy Shirai, US and Global TMT Leader at Deloitte, and Janice Zdankus, VP of Innovation for Social Impact at HPE, about the intelligent edge network—what it is, how it’s being used, and why it’s so important.

Telco—enabling 5G success

Across the globe, telecommunications operators are pursuing significant investments in 5G and next-generation networks. In an effort to succeed, they're also transforming their physical and virtual networks at scale. Deloitte and HPE have collaborated to provide end-to-end solutions that help Telco jumpstart their journey toward 5G implementation by introducing next-generation use cases and creating a scalable, programmable network. The goal is a full network transformation with increased agility, reduced operation costs, and minimized time to launch new services, to help telco operators effectively meet their wide-scale 5G implementation goals.

To help clients leverage the value of 5G, the HPE and Deloitte alliance provides clients the business use case and industry impact with use cases in automotive (V2X), industrial, health, public safety and retail. See following diagram:

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Whether you're excited about the IoT revolution or are still on the fence, Deloitte's IoT strategy—think big, start small, scale fast—can help deliver your desired results. Leveraging HPE hardware, we can help create your IoT vision and scale it into an intelligent ecosystem of connected assets that generate insights for new products and services.

Turnkey IoT for manufacturing: Asset monitoring and predictive maintenance
Created by Deloitte, HPE, PTC, and National Instruments, our joint Turnkey IoT solution for manufacturing unlocks value through smart, predictive maintenance—within weeks, not months. The pre-tested, pre-integrated solution computes and analyzes conditions and performance data right on the factory floor to help increase overall equipment effectiveness while lowering production and maintenance costs. Discover manufacturing 4.0 and learn how Turnkey IoT can transform your organization.

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Texmark’s the spot: Leading IoT value discovery and building the refinery of the future?

In an industry with a long history of reluctance to change, Texmark Chemicals—with the help of Deloitte, HPE, and an ecosystem of leading-edge vendors embraceing industrial IoT—we introduced new technology in the chemical industry that employs digital innovations to help improve profitability. Learn how the Deloitte HPE alliance helped create the refinery of the future.


SAP HANA S/4 transformation
SAP HANA is now mainstream and businesses are looking for their next step to transform. Deloitte and HPE, industry leaders in SAP HANA transformation services and infrastructure, are ready to take those steps with you and make your journey from SAP ERP to the S/4 Digital Core as smoothly as possible.
SAP Hybrid IT, the right mix
A modernized SAP HANA infrastructure must address the growing adoption of cloud models. Together, Deloitte and HPE can help assess the suitability of your SAP S/4 HANA for cloud, and provide you the right mix of on and off-premise solutions to build, deploy, and run your SAP S/4 HANA environment.
Assess, recommend, test
Ready to start your SAP S/4 HANA transformation? Deloitte and HPE will be there from start to finish. We begin by assessing your current capabilities and defining the business case and requirements. After providing you recommendations, we will pilot your S/4 use case in a secure, controlled, Deloitte test environment or in your own data center—your choice.
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Location-based services

Deloitte and Aruba, an HPE company, have collaborated to create a connected consumer solution for retail, designed to transform brick and mortar locations from places to shop—to places to engage. Building on a retailer’s existing IT system, the solution leverages modular, industry-leading software and hardware components to allow locations to scale from proof of concept in minimized time. From retail to restaurants, to even hospitals and hotels, our joint solution can help enhance customer engagement, optimize in-store operations, and engineer intelligence and insights for improved margins and ongoing success.

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Solutions for the new distributed workforce

In a reimagined hybrid workplace, efficient, secure network communication tools and a new distributed work model will be essential to organizations’ success. This might include hybrid cloud, network modernization with SD-WAN, LAN/WAN/Wireless, firewall, and end-user computing with virtual desktop, and mobility and endpoint management.

To aid the extension of the corporate office, Aruba solutions can offer the distributed user the simplicity of a zero- touch experience in obtaining a secure connection to the corporate network from anywhere. Deloitte’s distributed workforce offerings, which go beyond assessment and equipment procurement to configuration for easy plug-and-play and ongoing support management. Learn how Deloitte can help your organization maintain business continuity and enable distributed work with minimal disruption with Aruba Virtual Intranet Assistant (VIA) and Aruba multifunctional 203R Remote Access Point (RAP).

Deloitte’s multifaceted and innovative client approach, remains in lock step with HPE’s customer centric approach and innovative DNA. We both use a long-term advisor lens with customers and with proven expertise, accompany them in their unique transformation journeys. Proudly, our collaboration extends beyond the client site, as we actively share our co-innovations to drive social progress.

– Gladys Chevere Oksuzler, World Wide Ecosystem Sales Director, HPE

An award-winning legacy

HPE has recognized Deloitte with prestigious alliance awards over the years:

  • 2019 Global SI Partner of the Year – As-a-Service
  • 2019 EEMA SI Partner of the Year
  • Global Alliance Advisory Partner of the Year 2017—Hybrid IT Solutions
  • Global Alliance Partner of the Year 2016—Protect
  • Alliance Ambassador of the Year 2016
  • Global Partner of the Year 2015
  • Global Partner of the Year 2014
  • Big Data Partner of the Year 2014
  • ConvergedSystems Partner of the Year 2014
  • Global Innovation 2013
  • Partner of the Year, Innovation 2012
  • Converged Infrastructure Solutions 2011
  • Innovative Systems Integrator 2011

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For more information about how Deloitte and HPE work together, please contact:

John Keffer, Managing director, lead Alliance partner, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Mitch Hall, Alliance manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP

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