Deloitte and NVIDIA Alliance

Solving tomorrow’s challenges by accelerating AI innovation

Deloitte is at the forefront of the pioneering efforts to transform the world of data processing, analytics, and AI. We use GPU-enabled technology to generate meaningful insights, co-innovate with our clients, and develop novel solutions that get to the heart of business challenges. Together, Deloitte and NVIDIA can help you seize opportunities only enabled through an accelerated AI platform. Our alliance allows us to help organizations access market-leading accelerated computing power and create deep learning models that can deliver new capabilities, value, and a competitive advantage.

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Ready to continue your journey to becoming an AI-fueled organization? Please reach out to discuss how Deloitte and NVIDIA can help your enterprise accelerate AI innovation to its greatest potential.


Your journey to becoming an AI-fueled organization

New game-changing capabilities with AI are enabling deeper insights that can unlock enormous business value. Using the NVIDIA accelerated AI platform, Deloitte is innovating with clients to build next-generation AI solutions and opening new frontiers in the marketplace. The result is radically enhanced outcomes for business streams that can position your enterprise to thrive in the modern economy.


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What Deloitte delivers

Deloitte continues to lead the way in our approach to fostering an inclusive culture. Explore our innovative perspectives and groundbreaking research.

Creating tomorrow's solutions with accelerated AI

Accelerated Computing for AI in Government

As government agencies integrate AI into their mission and operations, they are likely to encounter challenges due to the constantly evolving demands and contours of AI innovation. An understanding of accelerated computing infrastructure and a detailed AI strategy can help government take the right first step in AI while providing them the flexibility to grow and adapt over time.

The Secret to rapid and insightful-AI—GPU-accelerated computing

Discover how AI enabled through GPUs accelerate the ability to bring efficiency into development teams for AI implementation. Going beyond CPU driven data ML unlocks tools and capabilities in both solutions and infrastructure that create more insightful models, scalable architecture and higher level of customer engagement and efficiencies.

High Performance Computing in AI: What GPUs mean for Deep Learning

Organizations are striving to realize the strategic goals of improving customer engagement, enhancing operational effectiveness, and finding costs savings. Using AI to meet these targets presents computational demands that have traditionally required an HPC cluster. Today, cloud technologies have made HPC capabilities widely available, with the capacity to manage a “virtual HPC” elastically and as needed. This is a powerful AI accelerator in as much as there is a low barrier to entry.



How we do it

The fast-changing AI landscape is complex. Working with Deloitte, you can move quickly to accelerated AI, identifying problems, calculating and proving the value, and leveraging our capabilities to develop and enhance deep learning models that transform the enterprise. We help you:


Develop a business strategy that prioritizes business issues the enterprise aspires to solve.


Cost-effectively develop proof of concepts that prove the value of a novel solution.


Use accelerated AI platform technology and build capabilities around it in ways that are impossible without access to GPU-enabled computing infrastructure and the skills needed to use it.


Leverage our deep industry expertise, ecosystem partnerships, and AI infrastructure capabilities to create deep learning models that can scale sustainably.


Uncover patterns in your data and reveal opportunities to enhance existing models or build new solutions.


Budget, plan, and architect for the future as we advise you in your journey to becoming an AI-fueled organization.


Ask and answer the right questions, such as what infrastructure your organization needs, where and when you should use it, and how to anticipate and plan for issues (e.g., latency, security risk) that could lead to costly, unexpected outcomes.


Meet our leaders

Christine Ahn

Christine Ahn

Deloitte Consulting LLP

Christine Ahn is a principal of 20-years, serves NVIDIA as the Chief Commercial Officer and Lead Client Service Partner, and works with the U.S. Global team leading the Collaborations and Trade Corrid... More

Edward Van Buren

Edward Van Buren

Strategic Growth Offering Leader

Ed is the Strategic Growth leader—Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Government & Public Services (GPS) Industry and the executive director of the Deloitte AI Institute for Gov... More

Anthony Abbattista

Anthony Abbattista

Analytics and Edge-AI Leader

Anthony Abbattista is a principal in the Strategy and Analytics practice of Deloitte Consulting LLP, where he is responsible for delivery of analytics and AI engagements, is the UiPath alliance leader... More

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