The Deloitte and Infor Alliance

Innovate, grow, and adapt—digital business transformation for ERP in the cloud

Discover how you can move beyond on-premise enterprise resource planning (ERP) infrastructure with Deloitte and Infor, and digitally transform your enterprise for efficiency, productivity, and continued innovation.

Learn how Infor and Deloitte deliver cloud technology in Healthcare:

About our alliance

Shifting from customized ERP implementations and installations to cloud software is about more than technology. It requires organizational change, digital process transformation, and a clearly defined path to the cloud. While change can be challenging, Deloitte can help you realize increased enterprise agility, efficiency, and productivity through Infor’s ERP cloud software solutions.

As Infor’s leading global systems integrator (GSI), we draw on years of experience and deep industry knowledge to help you confidently move away from on-premise customizations that can inhibit productivity and data-driven decision making. This can help you shift your people’s energy from technology maintenance to business growth, unleashing value and continuous innovation throughout your organization.

With a demonstrated record of success in process transformation and Infor implementations, we have the knowledge and capacity to manage change, address and mitigate risks, drive rapidly to value, and deliver to your timeline. You can count on our knowledge and dedication—from start to finish—as you transform your enterprise for success in the cloud.


Infor is a founding sponsor of The Smart Factory @ Wichita

Infor, a Koch Industries company, has become the first founding sponsor of The Smart Factory @ Wichita, a new Industry 4.0 immersive experience center launched by Deloitte and Wichita State University. The collaboration is designed to advance the execution of the once-futuristic concept of smart factories and enable manufacturers to quickly adopt state-of-the-art, Industry 4.0 technologies to drive new business models and boost quality, productivity and sustainability. As a founding sponsor, Infor and its parent company, Koch Industries, will provide Industry 4.0 expertise, solutions and cutting-edge technology to the new facility, which is anticipated to open in 2021.

2020 Global System Integrator of the Year

Deloitte has been named Infor’s Global System Integrator of the Year. In both 2018 and 2019, Deloitte was also named Infor's WFM/HCM Partner of the Year. These awards distinguish Deloitte as a premier global system integrator for Infor solutions, including in the workforce management implementations and human capital management space. Additionally, they recognize our ongoing commitment to business growth, customer satisfaction, and success in helping clients deploy Infor solutions.

Deloitte 2023 Global Human Capital Trends: The Infor Difference

How can organizations remain distinctly human in a technology-driven world? This year’s Global Human Capital Trends report calls upon organizations to lead in a boundaryless world, by thinking like a researcher, cocreating the relationship, and prioritizing human outcomes. Explore how the Infor solution is addressing each trend and learn more about how Infor’s tools can help empower people to work productively with technology and create lasting value.

Move to the cloud with confidence—we’ve done this before.

Deloitte works with a variety of clients in the US to help transform their processes and move to the cloud with Infor. We can help you transition to Infor’s highly configurable ERP cloud offering and move away from thousands of on-premise customizations that can inhibit digital agility and innovation.


Our vast experience and global capacity can help you drive enterprise-wide change and enhance your processes for success

With an established global delivery model, we can provide on- and offshore resources to help your entire organization transform and extract the most value from Infor’s cloud solutions, including CloudSuite Financials, CloudSuite HCM, CloudSuite WFM, and more. Our process and methodology allow us to drive implementation efficiencies for organizations of any size, from an enterprise serving regional customers to a global firm doing business across multiple regions.

By transforming your processes to incorporate Infor’s deep cloud functionality, we can deliver a rapid, iterative, and effective implementation to position your enterprise for better-informed decision making, new efficiencies, and continuous innovation. We know how to set you up for success in an environment where Infor’s cloud software works with, and even enhances, your existing on-premise ERP solutions.


Experience customized digital transformation for your enterprise that delivers results

We know how to position your business for success in the cloud with Infor. Our Sustainment Labs can help prepare your workforce to support and sustain Infor’s digital applications after implementation. In this, we deliver critical education in the areas of governance, organization and workforce, enterprise resource planning, process and delivery, and service technology.

Deloitte ERP implementation accelerators are tailored to your specific needs, helping expedite your time to value. We also understand how Infor’s cloud software implementations can work with, or even enhance, your existing on-premise ERP solutions. From building the business case to achieving last-mile functionality, we can help you transform to capture the most value from your Infor investment.


Deloitte and Infor for manufacturing

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has arrived. Is your enterprise ready? Many manufacturers are still burdened by highly customized, legacy on-premise ERP solutions. Extended over time with additional applications, the old systems often present a technical debt that makes it difficult to keep pace with business change. What’s needed is a proven, rapid path to ERP transformation, and Deloitte and Infor can help. Together, we bring the capabilities and cloud-based ERP solution that can serve as a platform to drive enterprise growth, increase market share, and deliver hard value for the bottom line.

Deloitte and Infor Manufacturing sales sheet

Download the fact sheet

Deloitte and Infor for human capital

The workplace is changing fast, and to win the war for talent and prepare for the future of work, enterprises need to transform how they maximize the value in their greatest resource: their people. New priorities are emerging across industries—employee wellbeing, reskilling and upskilling human capital, and adapting for a future with AI and machine learning. Rising to the challenge, enterprises require better visibility into all aspects of their talent and people including access to diverse workforce segments (employees, contractors, gig workers), compliance with global and local regulations, support for employee growth, and tools that enable collaboration and improved decision-making. From HR and payroll to talent, workforce management (WFM) and learning management, Deloitte with Infor can deliver a Human Capital Management (HCM) solution that helps unleash, support, and retain your enterprise talent.

Deloitte and Infor for healthcare organizations

Attaining an ideal level of continuous innovation takes more than just technology—it requires a clearly defined path and closely managed organizational change. And that change needs to be coordinated among both your support and patient care staff, facilities, and many other stakeholders across the network.

While this can be challenging, Deloitte can be the trusted resource that guides you through your journey and instills the resilience needed for constant improvement. As Infor’s leading global systems integrator (GSI), we draw on decades of experience and healthcare industry knowledge to help you confidently move away from the on-premise customizations that can sap productivity and hinder innovation.

Learn more about how we can help you can achieve the digital transformation that equips your health care organization to meet challenges and opportunities, today and in the future.

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Deloitte and Infor Health Care Sales Sheet

Download the fact sheet

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