Deloitte and Awardco alliance

Global recognition programs—tax and design support

Deloitte and Awardco have a strategic alliance to help organizations across the globe seamlessly deliver employee rewards and recognition while also better understanding the associated employer tax obligations. Many employers find it difficult to obtain critical tax content in this area, potentially leading to poor employee experience, noncompliance risk, or incorrect payment of employment taxes. In addition, Deloitte is able to engage with clients separately on the design of these programs to align to strategic talent objectives.

Deloitte and Awardco

Management of award and recognition plans in multiple tax jurisdictions can be difficult, whether offered across multiple states or multiple countries, and the number of regulatory concerns only grows with the number of locations in which programs are offered. By providing a solution to help address these tax considerations, the Deloitte and Awardco alliance delivers real value for customers on a global scale.

Additionally, in light of continuous internal and external disruptions, many organizations find themselves rethinking their recognition strategies and coming to Deloitte to help them design and achieve better “in the moment” acknowledgement of individual and team member efforts in spite of those disruptions.

What this alliance offers to our clients:

  • Access to content for program design and operational support
  • Enhanced talent impact through reduced employer tax compliance risk
  • A technology-powered solution that simplifies and accelerates rewarding talent
  • Instant access to country-specific compliance content

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Sandy Shurin

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Michael Gilmartin

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