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Deloitte and Teradata Alliance

Hybrid, multi-cloud solutions delivered

We, as a preferred systems integrator for Vantage, will collaborate with Teradata to take the complexity out of data migration and equip your organization with the advanced capabilities of the future on cloud. Together, Deloitte and Teradata can help you leverage the power of hybrid, multi-cloud environment to simplify your organization’s ecosystem into a single cloud-based data analytics platform.

About our alliance

Deloitte has been recognized as a leader in Data and Analytics by Gartner for 7 consecutive years and Teradata was named a leader in Cloud Database Management Systems in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant. With Deloitte's expertise in Cloud, AI and Data Science implementations along with a proven track record of accelerating business value and driving sustainable outcomes for a wide range of clients, we can apply Teradata’s Vantage capabilities to execute cloud modernization and migration for businesses across different industries.

Meet the new Teradata – Vantage on Cloud

Teradata Vantage is a modern cloud analytics platform that combines open source and commercial analytics technologies together to operationalize insights, solve complex business problems, and enable descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. Built for a hybrid multi-cloud reality, it delivers unlimited intelligence to build machine learning and advanced analytics solutions in Cloud with minimal coding.

What makes Teradata a game changer?

  • Built for a Hybrid Multi-cloud World – Flexibility and portability facilitate deployment anywhere, including public cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP) and on-premise, while avoiding lock-in to any single technology or vendor.
  • Separation of Storage and Compute – Supports demands of both data and users without over allocating resources by enabling elasticity to dynamically scale resources without IT intervention.
  • Ingestion of Modern Data Sources – Data types and sources are multiplying—think clickstreams, social media feeds, digital twins, and IoT-based sensor data. Teradata Vantage harnesses all this information to bring together a wholistic picture of your business.
  • Integrated Data Management and Scalable Analytics – Unifying enterprise analytics and data management enables data exploration, modeling, and scoring at scale in a single, easy-to-use environment.
  • Dynamic Resource Workload Management – Teradata Vantage optimizes resource allocation to workload based to your business priorities, giving you the ability to satisfy a broad range of user groups, all tapping into the system at the same time.
  • Flexible Pricing – There’s no one best answer for all use cases, so having choice and the ability to change is essential to de-risking your analytic decisions. Teradata has simplified its pricing strategy into two options – Blended, or capacity-based pricing and Consumption, which is usage-based pricing. We can help you determine which options works best for your needs.

Teradata Vantage’s cloud value proposition for existing on-prem clients

The ability to migrate from Teradata’s on-premise to cloud-based Vantage platform opens the opportunity for quick, seamless cross-functional data sharing across any department, at any time.

About Teradata

Teradata is the cloud data analytics platform company, built for a multi-cloud reality, solving the world’s most complex data challenges at scale.

Teradata technology is specifically built to support companies’ ability to unlock answers anywhere, scale in every dimension, and advance analytics by ensuring data is:

  • Reusable – Store once, use many times
  • Scalable – Answer any question at any time at any scale
  • Integrated – More answers, deeper insights
  • Operationalized – Put data to work

Meet our leaders

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