Deloitte and Tableau Alliance

See and understand data

Together we help our customers transform their businesses by implementing agile, self-service analytics capabilities to see and understand data.

About our alliance

Our services bring together two leaders in business analytics, combining Deloitte’s strategy-level insights with leading technology from Tableau to help clients implement an agile, self-reliant data-driven culture that can build real business value from enterprise data.

Together with Tableau, Deloitte can bring advanced signal detection capabilities and live interactive dashboards to the enterprise that allow clients to analyze large and complex data sets with greater ease and increased efficiency.

We bring significant experience with Tableau Software delivery projects. More than 5,000 Deloitte practitioners are trained and active with Tableau and we’ve delivered more than 100 client engagements.

How we can help

Our experienced industry specialists can help you identify which questions matter and where to find the answers. Our services address an overall information management strategy as well as seamless integration across the domains of technology, processes, and people.

Our solutions include:
  • Business intelligence
  • Data analysis
  • Data exploration
  • Data discovery

Data visualization: Why a picture can be worth a thousand clicks

CFOs have long been encouraged to become better "storytellers" by communicating important messages about company performance, strategy, and prospects not in the often technical language of finance, but in terms everyone in the organization can understand. Enter data visualization.

Download this white paper to find out how data visualization can produce user-friendly reports and other presentations that can be tailored to specific audiences, and learn how finance can better leverage its possibilities.

Connecting the business and IT divide with self-service analytics

It's widely known that the landscape of data management has changed—data volumes continue to increase exponentially, data is being collected from more sources, and business users need more access. While the age of big data brings numerous opportunities for businesses to leverage real-time insights, it also challenges the status quo of IT's data ownership and delivery. While structured processes and static dashboards still have a place in business, there are options available today to better fit the needs of business users who require more immediate answers.

Download the white paper to read more about the trends that are driving the cultural shift in the BI landscape.

Data visualization and the insight-driven organization

Organizations are relying on data-driven insights more heavily than ever before. But there's a big difference between an organization that selectively uses insights to fuel decision-making in specific parts of the business and an insight-driven organization (IDO) that's hard-wired to deliver and act on insights every day, everywhere.

Download the white paper to read more about the key characteristics to look for when selecting a visualization tool for your insight-driven organization.

The data visualization retail journey: By the numbers

Enhanced data visualization tools offer retailers an opportunity to better understand customer behavior, product trends, store-specific performance, and more. Embarking on a new data visualization journey, however, requires a clear understanding of the terrain. How can you take analytics to the next level and gain an insight-driven advantage?