Deloitte and Databricks Alliance

Unifying data, analytics, and AI workloads through the power of Lakehouse

Founded by the original creators of highly successful open-source data and analytics projects such as Spark, Delta Lake, Delta-sharing, and MLFlow, Databricks Lakehouse provides a cloud-based, open, interoperable, and unified platform with out-of-the-box multi-cloud management support to meet today’s enterprise’s data and advanced analytics demands.

About our alliance

The Deloitte and Databricks alliance combines Deloitte’s industry experience and world-class experience in data modernization and advanced analytics with Databricks’ Lakehouse platform. Bring us your complex business and data requirements and we’ll help you to rapidly enable a target-state data and AI platform to not only meet your immediate needs but also create a foundation to serve your most strategic and long-term business needs. We are armed with a wealth of knowledge, including our Deloitte Databricks Migration Factory, that can provide you with structured approaches and methodologies on how to deliver successful on-time, on-budget implementations of Databricks. From the design phase through operate, automation is applied at every turn with tailored approaches for each of our major joint campaigns (e.g., Lakehouse enablement, multi-cloud management, AI/ML, MPP Migration, Hadoop Migration). In addition, our guidance keeps change management at the forefront, as we aim to simplify the end-to-end data modernization journey for all stakeholders and minimize as much disruption as possible.

Data and analytics should be simple, open, and collaborative – and Databricks is just that:

  • SIMPLE: There is one single source of truth for all data – whether structured, semi-structured, or unstructured/sparse, data in all forms are accepted and needs to exist only once to support all workloads.
  • OPEN: The open-source and open-standards of Lakehouse enable organizations to future-proof, supporting out-of-the-box integration with hyper-scaler data and platform services and multi-cloud management – making existing tools easy to work with and proprietary architecture avoidable.
  • COLLABORATIVE: Databricks serves as one integrated platform to support end-to-end data and AI use cases, including traditional BI and SQL workloads – but more importantly, real-time streaming analytics, AI/ML, and data sharing.

The Power of Delta Live Tables

This point of view is aimed to provide insights into the benefits of the "Delta Live Tables" (DLT) to enhance modern DAP architecture, based on our experience with transformational journeys. We also highlight specific DLT use cases that can help you focus on the core transformation logic and operational efficiency that can provide maximum benefits to your business objectives and the consumers.

Value Proposition and Benefits

Get in touch

Sajid Khan
Databricks Lead Alliance Partner (Commercial)
Deloitte Consulting LLP

Dave Thomas
Databricks Lead Alliance Partner (GPS)
Deloitte Consulting LLP

Dave Hurlbrink
Databricks Sales Executive (Commercial)
Deloitte Consulting LLP

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