The Deloitte and Eightfold Alliance

Accelerate your organization’s skills-based transformation

Organizations are well aware of the untapped potential inherent in their candidate pools and workforce and the cost associated with underutilizing or mismatching their capabilities. The Deloitte and Eightfold Alliance can help your organization face these challenges head on by leveraging skills as a competitive advantage.

Realize the full potential of your workforce

Together, Deloitte and Eightfold enable organizations to tap into the full range of workers’ capabilities to achieve desired outcomes and solve problems. Powered by the largest global talent dataset, Eightfold’s Talent Intelligence Platform identifies the skills and capabilities for all talent at scale. When combined with Deloitte’s leading Human Capital advisory, implementation, and managed services capabilities, clients have a new way to develop skills-based organization strategies and acquire, retain, manage, and grow their workforces.

Using previously unavailable data about each worker’s or applicant’s experience and skill set, Deloitte and Eightfold can help your organization build actionable insights, holistic organizational systems, highly efficient talent processes, precisely directed learning programs, and agile talent marketplaces (both internal and external) that result in significant performance improvements.

Imagine if your people could do their best work by applying their unique skills and talents to deliver outcomes that matter.

Deloitte and Eightfold offer capabilities to support commercial, public-sector, and nonprofit organizations as they build future-ready workforces by transforming approaches to talent acquisition, management, development, and planning.

Architecting the future of workforce ecosystems with skills-based strategies

In a recent webinar, thought leaders from Deloitte and Eightfold discussed how workforce ecosystems are changing, why organizations are shifting to become skills based, and how AI enables organizations to take skills beyond the job.

What’s driving the transition from jobs to skills?

The business world is shifting from a traditional enterprise hierarchy to an ecosystem of distributed workers, connected customers, and partners. This is fundamentally shifting the way organizations think, operate, and behave—and HR leaders can be the catalysts driving and reimagining traditional processes and constructs.

By uncoupling work from formal job descriptions and workers from being viewed as job holders, skills-based organizations tap into the full range of workers’ capabilities to achieve desired outcomes and solve problems. Decisions about the workforce—from hiring to performance management—are based more on skills and less on jobs.

Our research found that many leaders are shifting their work strategy to skills-based practices to realize the following outcomes:


The skills-based organization: A new operating model for work and the workforce

Learn more about how organizations are approaching and operationalizing their skills-based transformation.

Explore the study


Although organizations have wanted to compete on workforce ecosystems in the past, only now do we have the technologies that can enable organizations to manage flexible workforces at scale in an efficient way that wasn’t possible before.

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Sona Manzo

Managing Director | Deloitte Consulting LLP

Sona is a managing director in the Deloitte Consulting LLP Human Capital Practice, focusing on Workforce Transformation and is the Eightfold Alliance Leader. With more than 25 years experience in cons... More

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