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Discover how your organization can transform procurement with a business-owned and managed solution to drive efficiency and growth.

Global leaders with deep Coupa experience

The moment is now to reshape and elevate procurement into a growth engine for your enterprise. Consider how Deloitte’s transformation process, along with Coupa’s spend management technology, can enable the vision for your procurement organization.

Realizing your vision for procurement takes planning and design, transformation processes, and the right technology that’s universally embraced by both users and suppliers. There’s a reason all market analysts put Coupa at the top of their lists as the leading enabling platform—built around ease of use, Coupa’s digital procurement solutions are hyper-focused on innovation and adoption.

With a consistent track record as Coupa’s largest systems integrator, we understand what’s at stake in procurement transformation, how to leverage the usability of Coupa’s platform, how to build sustainable processes, and—most importantly—how to turn your vision for world-class procurement into a reality. From building the business case to transferring knowledge, we’ll be by your side from start to finish.

Deloitte has received the following distinctions for our expertise in helping clients transform their procurement operations:

  • Global leader in Procurement Operations Consulting, based on breadth and depth of capabilities (ALM Intelligence, 2020)
  • Top 50 Procurement Providers to Know (Spend Matters, 2020)
  • Leader in Enterprise Insights Services Providers (Forrester, 2020)
  • Global leader in Sourcing Strategy Consulting (ALM Intelligence, 2019)
  • Undisputed leader in Forrester’s Robotic Process Automation Services Wave (Forrester, 2019)

Tomorrow’s sourcing and procurement insights for today’s CPOs

Curious about the latest insights on sourcing, procurement, supply management, and business spend management? Discover how procurement leaders across all industries can address complexity and manage risk while continuing to generate value and increase savings.

Read through Deloitte and Coupa’s curated content to learn more.

Deloitte’s 2023 Global CPO Survey: How high-performing procurement organizations are orchestrating value within their business

Unleashing new value in health care

Achieving rapid results by optimizing business spend management


Health Care Payers: Challenges and business spend management solutions

Health care payers could face major challenges in business spend management. Rising costs, complexities in supply chain, a lack of transparency, and more demands efficient strategies…

Health Care Providers: Data-driven approach for business spend management

Supply chain for healthcare providers is long and complex. Explore how Coupa and Deloitte are synchronizing supply chain and helping healthcare providers optimize business spend on a unified platform.





Case study: Large-scale procurement transformation at a top US insurance company

Deloitte transformed the procurement operations for one of America's largest insurers by leveraging Coupa's business spend management platform to standardize processes, optimize the technology landscape, and mature spend management ability.

Read the case study to learn more about the organization.

A vision for your digital procurement strategy

The procurement vision realized with Deloitte and Coupa

  • With Deloitte’s process-centric approach and on-site delivery model, a global pharmaceutical company increased user adoption by 40% and reduced purchase order and invoice cycle time by 50%.
  •  Deloitte helped a global banking giant replace their existing S2P processes with Coupa’s Sourcing, Contract Lifecycle Management, Procure-to-Pay, and Supplier Information Management modules. The initial go-live included more than 7,000 users and 5,000 suppliers, covered about $6 billion in spend, and allowed the bank to report on financial and regulatory obligations more effectively.
  • An industrial equipment manufacturer with operations in more than 40 countries and $3 billion in facility-managed spend turned to Deloitte for process-driven design and procurement transformation services, allowing the company to capture $100 million in savings in 24 months.
  • A global leader in medical technology working in 60 countries engaged Deloitte for end-to-end process transformation and a touchless solution for invoice processing, resulting in $80 million in cost reduction over three years.

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Explore Deloitte’s Coupa accelerators

2021 Procurement Outlook

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted all industries and business functions—yet, not all enterprises are at the same point in transforming their procurement operations, and some are faring better than others. Deloitte’s 2020 CPO Flash Survey found that 80 percent of CPOs believe the period of rapid response has passed or will soon end, with about 20 percent of respondents entering the “thrive” stage of response.

How did these organizations recover so quickly? To help answer that question, our procurement leaders identified the four key areas that will drive procurement priorities and strategies in 2021 and beyond.

Preparing oil and gas companies for the future

How can oil and gas companies respond, recover, and thrive after the Covid-19 pandemic? It’s important to understand various industry trends that are reshaping the market. The pandemic has caused extreme swings in demand and many companies have been forced to curtail their productions to maximize profit. This uncertain future calls for business agility, now more than ever. Deloitte and Coupa are helping O&G companies remain agile during these uncertain times, empowering them to drive savings, gain visibility into project costs, and enable supplier network collaboration. Watch as Coupa and Deloitte take a closer look at how business spend management unlocks value for oil and gas companies in our webinar, How Business Spend Management Unlocks Value for Oil & Gas Companies and read Coupa's blog post to learn more.

Learn more about how we are transforming operations in the oil and gas industry here.

Digital workforce for Coupa

Deloitte’s Digital Workforce for Coupa includes a comprehensive library of prebuilt bots and use cases designed to capture process efficiencies, which can reallocate staff for strategic work, boost results accuracy, improve quality, enable 24×7 processing, and reduce time spent on exceptions. Deloitte can help you implement leading-edge technologies to maximize the efficiency of your sourcing and procurement initiatives.

Our integrated team of process, technical automation, and cognitive specialists brings functional and industry knowledge, plus proven experience in delivering R&IA deployments.

How CFOs can take the lead on third-party risk management and governance

With today’s boards of directors and CEOs becoming increasingly concerned about risk management, their CFOs are being asked to step up to the plate and become more strategic on combating the issue. As a result, many CFOs with a high degree of digital maturity and data visibility are getting better outcomes, both with risk management and overall company performance.

During a recent CFO webcast sponsored by Deloitte and Coupa, leaders discussed how CFOs have already become more forward-looking and strategic, with the driver behind the change being risk management. CFOs are turning to technology, including cloud-based platforms, robotic process automation and visualization techniques, and working closer with their Chief Compliance Officer, to get a handle on risk issues.

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For more information about how we can help your organization reshape and elevate your procurement operations and unleash real results with a bottom-line impact, please contact:

Ryan Flynn, Coupa Lead Alliance Partner, Deloitte Consulting LLP

David Langenmayr, Vice President Coupa Sales Executive, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Melissa Hartman, Coupa Alliance Manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP

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