The Deloitte and Coupa Software Alliance

Real results, real impact

Been there, done that

For almost a decade, Deloitte and Coupa software have been working together to support rapid design iterations and deployments, accelerate timelines, and bring clarity to complex operations across the globe. With Coupa, you get an industry leading business spend management platform, a top-rated procure-to-play cloud-native structure, and an end-to-end source-to-pay management tool. Combined with Deloitte’s battle-tested best practices, industry leading accelerators, and deep technical experience in cloud deployment, you get results that can scale and help grow your enterprise.

Together, we help you go beyond the technology, decreasing implementation time, reducing delivery risk, and driving technology adoption for increased visibility and control to make a real impact on your bottom line in a matter of months, not years.

Realizing your procurement potential

Imagine a future where predictive analytics can make your sourcing more strategic, where procurement operations are fully automated, and where supplier and category management happen proactively. Through digital procurement solutions, Deloitte and Coupa software are making this vision a reality for business leaders around the world in a number of different industries:

  • Financial services: Let’s face it, the financial services industry is brimming with regulatory complexity, disruptive technology, and new business models. This requires financial services companies to focus on differentiation and cutting-edge technology to set a strong foundation for success. Transforming processes through digital procurement can be a major step toward adding visibility, efficiency, and margins to your financial services future.
  • Health care: In an era of rising costs, flat revenues, and evolution from volume to value-based business models, strong financial health is one of the biggest issues hospitals and health care providers encounter. Even industry leaders find themselves balancing rapidly changing technology and evolving patient care. Digital transformation of procurement can be a major step toward cost savings, improved spend data visibility, growing margins, and building long-term operational success for your practice. 
  • Industrial products: The industrial products and construction industry is shifting, with disruptive technologies paving the way for new applications and capabilities. Digital supply networks can integrate information from diverse sources to drive production and distribution, drastically changing the competitive landscape. Transforming processes through digital procurement can be a major step toward adding visibility, efficiency, and margins to every area of your procurement.

Deloitte accelerators help clients transform in months, not years

Based on our extensive experience across industries, Deloitte has developed leading practices, which have been carefully documented in our Deloitte Coupa Accelerators. Deloitte’s Coupa Accelerators can help decrease implementation time and reduce delivery risk for our clients, and are responsible for the successful delivery of some of Coupa’s largest and most complex global deployments on record.

Deloitte’s Coupa Accelerators benefit our clients with:

  • A thoroughly vetted implementation design that provides flexibility and scalability, developed with Deloitte’s interactive, agile ‘workshop’ method to engage critical stakeholders.
  • A compressed implementation timeline by fast-tracking high stakes decisions and reducing or eliminating the need for redesign/rework.
  • An end-to-end solution that can yield a successful technology deployment while incorporating relevant business processes to lay the foundation for lasting change.

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