The Accidental Accountant

Deloitte Southeast Asia and Singapore’s CEO, Philip Yuen, shares more about his life story and what Deloitte means to him.

A typical Sunday at the Yuen household is usually a lively affair. With three children – two boys aged 21 and 17, and a daughter aged 15; as well as two dogs – a boxer and a Cavalier King Charles spaniel; it is no wonder the CEO of Deloitte Southeast Asia and Singapore finds radio stations Gold 90.5 FM or Class 95 FM too slow.

“My three children keep me young. Thanks to them, I am listening to 98.7FM these days,” quips Philip.

Philip also thrives on family interaction and activities. Besides keeping fit by cycling often, he gets his extra exercise by tossing the rugby ball around with his sons, and hitting a ball or two at the squash court with his daughter.

“They keep me on my toes,” he laughs.

With a demanding work schedule, it is easy for the day to get away from you, which makes family and personal time especially important.

“It’s all a balancing act and ensuring that I make enough time for my wife and my loved ones. Having a strong support system at home helps too. I am grateful for the support and understanding that my family has given me through the years.”

Besides leading the Southeast Asia firm, putting him in charge of 25 offices across 11 countries, Philip is also a board member of the Singapore Land Authority and the Institute of Technical Education (ITE).

However, it was actually an accidental foray into accounting that led Philip into the profession. Accounting was the first few interviews he had lined up after graduating from the University of Liverpool in 1985 with a degree in computer science, and he thought “why not?”.

“As I found out more, the accounting profession opens your mind up to doing different things – and I have truly enjoyed my 31 years as an accountant greatly,” explains Philip

Besides that experience in audit, Philip was also the Talent Partner in Deloitte Singapore for 3 years, and strongly believes in grooming new talent and leadership for the evolving business and accountancy landscape. He also wants to create opportunities for the younger generation and help them craft their careers.

“We want to groom young talents with the ability and opportunity to lead at all levels, with development and growth opportunities right from day one,” says Philip.

“I have had the opportunity to meet inspiring and nurturing mentors throughout my career, and people who have encouraged me along the way. I hope that our firm will be able to provide the same opportunities that I once had, and to provide a culture of purpose that instills confidence and growth in our people,” he adds.

Philip Yuen, CEO of Deloitte Southeast Asia & Singapore

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