Secrets to success: My Deloitte Intern Experience

D.cisions magazine – Issue 9

What is it like to intern at Deloitte? Our ex-intern Chua Chia Ying share with us her unique internship experiences and her top tips for success.

Chua Chia Ying

Interned at Deloitte from May to July 2017
Course/University: Accountancy, Nanyang Technological University
Function: Audit

Q. Why are internships important?

Internships allow us to develop a better understanding of the work, enabling us to determine if that is the line of work we want to pursue upon graduation. Experiencing the work on a day-to-day basis is probably the best avenue for us to find out what the job entails. Furthermore, internships provide a platform for us to interact with people at different points in their careers, giving us the opportunity to find out about the draws and challenges of the job.

There is probably no better way for us to determine how well we fit into the culture of a firm than to take on an internship. This is an important consideration as we enter the workforce, because a career much more than just a job.

Q. How was your interview process like at Deloitte?

I had to undergo a round of interviews with a Deloitte Partner and a member of the HR team. It was more of a get-to-know-you session, so be prepared to share your prior work experiences! Also, I took the opportunity to find out more about Deloitte, what makes the firm unique and why I want to join the firm and the particular department. It’s a short chat, so I urge you to just be yourself!

Q.  Why did you choose Deloitte for your internship?

I wanted to try out an audit internship and Deloitte, being one of the Big Four firms, is definitely a good place to be at. I knew that the internship programme would be wellstructured and I would be able to build my foundation. I was under the general audit division and the financial services industry audit division for my first and second internship with Deloitte respectively. This allowed me to appreciate the differences in the nature of audit work carried out at both divisions and gave me a better idea as to the line of work that I would like to pursue in future.

Q.  What was an average internship day like?

I would say that there is no typical day! This is one of the perks of an audit internship, because it exposes us to a wide variety of tasks every day. When I was out with the engagement team to do field work, I had to perform different audit procedures to assist in the preparation of working papers. I like how we are handed real responsibilities right from the start, including the authority to speak to the clients on our findings. It really allowed me to see how the work we do value-add to the client’s business. Back in the Deloitte office, I participated in team meetings, reviewed financial statements and prepared audit documentations, among other things.

Q.   What did you like most about the internship?

I am grateful for the opportunity to undergo two internships with Deloitte, and even though I was with different teams for each, one thing that was consistent is the strong culture of mentorship in the firm. It transcends beyond the formal 'mentor-mentee' system that the firm has in place for all its new hires (including interns!). The people in Deloitte are really approachable and willing to guide us along whenever we face issues. This is one of the things I like the most about my internship experience with Deloitte – the presence of a strong support network that allows us to try, to learn from mistakes and not be afraid to try again.

Beyond the formal setting, I like how even as interns we are given the opportunity to participate in the various firm-wide events, to get a taste of life at Deloitte beyond work. Being involved in the planning of the Deloitte family ‘carnival’, participating in mentor group outings and trying out different games during the Inter-Departmental Games season were some of my most memorable times with the firm.

Q.  What were your key takeaways from the event?

The internships with Deloitte have allowed me to gain a better understanding of the auditing process and hands-on experience. Not only did I come to better appreciate the work of auditors, I have also gained a renewed sense of respect for the profession. Another major takeaway for me would definitely be the people I got to know as well as the new friendships forged!

Q. What are your top 3 tips to have a successful internship?

  1. Take a proactive approach. Take the initiative to help out in the engagements as it's only then that you'll get the opportunity to widen your exposure.
  2. Give your best, and don't be afraid to fail. It's a lot about learning on-the-job. Tasks assigned to you may seem foreign at the outset but just try your best and learn from each experience.
  3. Make friends and have fun! There are various opportunities for us to interact with people, and it's really up to us whether or not we want to take them up. You define your own internship experience, so make the most out of it!

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