Dress for Success

Struggling to decide on an outfit for your next interview or the first day at work? Check out our tips on dressing for success.

1.   Be prepared

Always plan and choose your outfit the night before to eliminate any stress that may arise in the morning. Be prepared and align your outfit with the company’s HR policies. Spend some time researching the company and its social media platforms to find out more about its culture and the new work environment. The way you dress says a lot about your professionalism and self-confidence. Dressing to suit the job is a way to show that you respect the job and take your work seriously.

2.   Get the right colors for work

Choose solid colours that are not distracting. Refrain from wearing loud colours like bright pink or lime green at work. Instead, choose solid colors that reflect your professionalism and seriousness. Get your colours right!

3.   Keep a clean look

When going for an interview, cover up all the tattoos if any, keep your facial hair trimmed and clean, sport a neat and tidy hairstyle, and remove all facial piercings. Make sure there are no rips, tears, stains, wrinkles or missing buttons on your working clothes. Keeping a clean look is the safety net for everyone.

4.   Essentials

When entering the corporate world, there are some essentials you may need. For the ladies, invest in a pair of comfortable shoes, a blazer, a blouse and a dress for all occasions. For the gentlemen, a selection of ties, a watch and a business bag should top your list.

5.   Be yourself

Being comfortable in your outfits will make you feel more relaxed and focused, especially during an interview or a stressful day at work. The right outfit can give you a confidence boost as well, and be sure to put on a smile too.

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