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Decisions magazine – Issue 14

Some people prefer to express their personal style in the way they dress. Some have family commitments that require customised work schedules, and some simply love to have the flexibility to manage their work between work and fun!

At Deloitte, you can do all three through schemes under our work-life integration program:

Flexi-work scheme:

Deloitte acknowledges that our people may have personal and family commitments that requires them to have a more customised work arrangement. There are several ways they can do so:

  1. Work from home – Staff can apply to work from home if their job duties permit and if they have no meetings or client appointments.
  2. Flexible working hours – Staff can have flexible working hours and set their own schedule in accordance to their family or personal needs, including part-time working arrangements.
  3. Reduced work portfolio – Staff can discuss with their leaders to reduce their work portfolio for a defined period of time.

I choose to take on a part-time portfolio due to the change in my life priorities, as I wanted to spend more time with my young children and be present for their milestones, as well as to accompany my ageing parents. At this stage of my career, I have also developed a new interest and enjoy contributing back to the community. I am looking to teach, mentor and to share the experiences I have come across in this industry, and would like the time to do so.

My supervisor trusts me to manage my own time and deliver results and my team members allow sufficient lead-time for me to deliver work.

I do not feel any different from a full time staff and do not feel ostracised just because I have made the conscious choice to take a different path in life.

Claire Khek
Risk Advisory Manager


Flexi-leave scheme:

Our people do not have a fixed number of days of leave per year and their leave types are streamlined to empower them to manage their time and personal interests with deliverables at work.

I took a one-year sabbatical leave to pursue my master’s degree in law at King’s College London. My master’s degree was a full-time programme that required me to relocate to London for a year. However, it was hard to walk away from my career and Deloitte as I enjoyed working here very much. Sabbatical leave was the best option for me as it allowed me to achieve both my goals – pursuing a personal educational aspiration and at the same time, jumping back into my career with minimal disruption.  

Chan Wenjie
Tax & Legal Manager


Flexi-dress scheme:

Deloitte has adopted a smart-casual dress code every day of the week that gives our people the opportunity to express their own unique personalities in the way they dress while maintaining a professional image in front of their clients and external business partners including wearing jeans and sneakers.

Through the flexi-dress scheme, we are able to express our personality better and feel more comfortable at work. I also feel that employees are able to have wider selection of outfits that they can wear to work.

Asqiha Abdul Wahab
Audit & Assurance Senior

Decision Magazine Issue 14

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