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Interview with Eugene Tay, Deloitte Scholar, Student Ambassador & Intern

D.cisions magazine – Issue 10

Our former-intern Eugene Tay tells us more about his unique Audit & Assurance internship experience and top tips.

Q: Why did you decide to take up an audit internship?

A: Someone once told me that if you have the passion for the job, it would not feel like going to work every day and one will also naturally perform well on the job. Hence, I decided to join the Deloitte winter internship programme to find out if auditing was a suitable career choice for me and if I could apply the knowledge I have gained from school to the workplace.

Q: What is it like to intern at Deloitte?

A: Instead of feeling like an intern throughout my internship experience, I felt honoured to be treated more like an associate. I was allowed to work independently, talked to clients on my own, and was exposed to many different types of audit procedures. This entire experience allowed me to understand the rationale and objectives behind the different phases and stages of the audit cycle and I was able to successfully apply what I have learnt in school on to the job.

The seniors on my engagement team were also really nice and they never failed to patiently answer all the questions I had. They also brought me out to many different places to have lunch and we bonded well and had tons of fun! I was also given the opportunity to attend an audit team meeting with the Manager-In-Charge and was able to see the planning side of audit, which was really an eye-opening experience for me.

Q: What do you like the most about the internship?

A: I bonded with my fellow interns over an intern video competition and attended firm-wide and departmental events together with them such as the staff Christmas party. Besides having fun, I was able to fully experience the culture of the firm and the department I was in - it is not all about work and no play in Deloitte!

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