Inter-departmental Games 

Get involved and have fun!

Inter-departmental Games is an Olympic style competition spanning across two to three months, where different departments battle it out across different sports to win gold!

Deloitte’s Inter-departmental Games (IDG), having started in 2012, is a yearly affair where eight teams are formed across individual departments and business units to participate in an Olympic style competition spanning across two to three months. With everyone gunning to be the overall champions each year, the teams battle it out in multiple sports and game. This year, there were 15 different sports and a total of 17 gold medals that were up for grabs.

During the IDG period, our staff got active and competitive, spending their time after work and weekends to attend team trainings. In the lift and the D.Lounge, IDG often seemed to be the biggest topic of conversation.

Not only do our people get the opportunity to have a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle through IDG, it also creates bonding opportunities within their respective departments. It is heartening to see the new friendships forged while they participated in IDG and cheered their teams on! We are privileged to have our partners sponsor the Games and also have their support when they come down to watch IDG. Morale skyrocketed when teams brought back Gold medals to their respective departments for the various sports.

Cross-function networking is also one of the common benefits that our staff gain out of IDG, with more than 500 of our Deloitte staff across all departments participating each year.

Since the founding, Team Blue – comprising Enterprise Risk Services and the firm’s Internal Services groups including HR and Clients & Markets – have been the team to beat, finishing 2nd in the first year but winning back-to-back titles in 2013 and 2014. In 2015, Team White comprising an Audit Group, Global IFRS and Offerings Services (GIOS) and Chinese Services Group, has emerged as the new champion who won over Team Blue by four points, followed by last year’s runners-up Team orange in third place overall.

This year’s IDG has indeed been an eventful season with wins and upsets along the way, as well as great displays of competitive spirit and sportsmanship. Following the IDG, the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) Games will be next big thing coming up on Deloitte’s sports calendar as we prepare to compete with the other Big Four Accountancy firms in a variety of sports, including defending our titles in netball, women’s futsal, tennis, table tennis and women’s floorball.

“IDG is an exciting experience for me and I always look forward to it. It is a good opportunity to bring everyone within a department together with a common purpose to obtain victory over our friendly rivals from other departments. I like that IDG helps to foster friendships and expand my network within the firm. During this time, we also see staff and even senior leaders cheering hysterically for us!”

- Gao Li, Enterprise Risk Services Senior Consultant

“IDG allows me to immerse in Deloitte culture, giving me opportunities to know more people from different levels and departments. I also have a great sense of identity to represent Team Red and I enjoy bringing honour to my team. Over the three years since I have joined Deloitte, I cherish the rapport that I built with staff and partners alike through playing table tennis.”

- Tan Jun Bin, Audit Senior

IDG Sports 2015

• Badminton

• 3-on-3 Basketball

• Beach volleyball

• Bowling

• 4-a-side Floorball

• Foosball

• 5-a-side Futsal

• Netball

• Pool

• Running

• Squash

• Table Tennis

• Tennis

• Touch Rugby

• Ultimate Frisbee

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