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5 steps to get picked for a mobility assignment

Decisions Magazine Issue 10

Thinking of traveling overseas for work? Here are our tips to help you join the jet set!

Build your leadership skills

Participate actively in your school’s co-curricular and student activities to demonstrate your abilities to work in teams, organise events and enhance your creative problem solving skills. In addition, taking on leadership roles in these groups will further challenge you to develop your learning capabilities and strengthen your character, which are essential for your future career roles.

Be prepared

Seek advice from colleagues who have gone on overseas work assignments to have an idea on what to expect and to better prepare yourself. 

Make your career aspirations known

Communicate with your supervisors about your career goals and overseas work aspirations, so that they provide guidance to ensure you are on the right track and help you look out for overseas work opportunities.

Gain a better understanding of the local culture

Learn the native language and the culture of the country. Having a basic proficiency of the native language and knowledge of the country’s culture gives you an advantage over your peers during the selection process for your desired secondment destination.

Be proactive

Make an effort to keep informed of available overseas assignments through your employer’s internal careers website and take note of important information like application deadlines and requirements of the programme.

In issue 10, discover how Deloitte Audit Assistant Manager Yvonne Pow makes a positive difference to society as she juggles her time between working and volunteering. Are you keen to join the jet set?  Grab some tips on how to get picked for a mobility assignment in this issue!  Find out how you can be an intern superstar as our ex-intern, Eugene Tay shares his secrets to success on his unique audit internship experience. In addition, we also look back at the key highlights of 2017 as we celebrated our Golden Jubilee with a bang!

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