CFO Vision™

CFO Vision™, a one-of-a-kind experience, offers an exclusive opportunity to hear insights and perspectives from thought leaders in business, politics, and the media—and engage in thought-provoking dialogue among CFO peers. The agenda offers attendees engaging presentations and discussions on timely topics.

CFOs participate in a curriculum that offers a mix of plenary speakers and panel discussions with insights on challenging issues, finance-centric and trending topics in today’s business environment. It provides an excellent opportunity to engage with other CFOs and exchange ideas and perspectives.

The Southeast Asia CFO Vision™ is a biannual conference which takes place in different ASEAN countries including Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. At the SEA CFO Vision™, CFOs will explore topics closer to home, as we recognise the unique cultural, geopolitical and economical differences the ASEAN region presents.

CFO Vision™ is an exclusive, by-invite-only event for CFOs. If you are keen to be a part of this event, please write to us at

CFO Vision™ 2022 – A world remade

The world we know has changed. CFO Vision™ 2022 is set to provoke CFOs to think and act beyond their traditional roles as expectations of them continually evolve.
Join us as we explore risks and opportunities in this remade world, its enablers and trends that may catalyse or impede the success of organisations and discuss how leaders can thrive in a world remade.
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