Digital transformation is an essential growth strategy for private business leaders. But private enterprises are taking a very different approach than listed companies.

They are engaging digitally with customers in new ways and driving growth through a diversity of channels and relationships.

Our report is based on a global survey by Deloitte Private of 2,750 private businesses and a series of in-depth interviews with leaders of private digital transformation success stories. Through insights and client case studies, we reveal the advantages and key enablers private companies have at their disposal to accelerate the most important transformation in their organization’s history.

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Your private advantage

As digital becomes business as usual, it has never been a better time to be a private company.


Enabler #1 Strong leadership

A digital agenda is led from the top.


Enabler #2 Whole-of-business transformation

We’re all in this together.


Enabler #3 Change management capability

Bring your people on the journey.


Enabler #4 Culture of innovation

Empower experimentation.


Enabler #5 Internal capability

Find someone who has done this before.

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