Family Offices in Singapore

Deloitte and Rajah & Tann, with the support of Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), have collaborated to launch a whitepaper that explores the family office landscape in Singapore.

The immense economic growth in Asia and the wealthy individuals behind it have led to an increasing number of Asian families setting up family offices in Singapore over the past several years.

This growth is fueled by the need for intergenerational wealth transfer and the increasing demand to professionalize the management of their private wealth. Families look to Singapore as an appealing location to set up their family offices as Singapore offers a high standard of living, security, political stability, with world-class education and health care systems, and a competitive tax regime.

This report aims to serve as an informative guide to families looking to set up a family office in Singapore. It also outlines some of the challenges and solutions to creating and managing a family office today, and features five in-depth case studies of global families who have established their family offices in the country.

Family Offices in Singapore

Download this report - Family Offices in Singapore to find out more on:

  • Why Singapore is an ideal place for families, family businesses, wealth management and family offices
  • Case studies of established family offices in Singapore
  • Different pathways to establishing a family office
  • Selecting a legal structure and team for your family office
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