Pivotal moments for family enterprises

Turning challenges into opportunities

This series explores pivotal moments that are crucial for family enterprises to maximize their opportunities to grow, evolve, or transform. These perspectives provide family enterprises tools to design a framework to supports its vision, interests, needs, and values for generations to come.

Establishing a governance model

Create and refine the right model for your family business

Unique characteristics of family enterprises that could position them to thriveThe introductory article in the Pivotal moments for family enterprises series looks as The Art of Governance: creating and refining the right model for your family business.

Assessing capital needs

New funding options can help family businesses grow

You’ve crafted a vision for your family enterprise. New funding options for business growth can help you transform that vision into a masterpiece. With the proper planning around family business funding, you can be ready to seize an opportunity when it presents itself. In this installment of our eight-part series, “Pivotal moments for family enterprises,” we’ll take a close look at new capital funding options and what they could mean, from a bigger picture standpoint, for the future of family enterprises.

Building technology infrastructure

Modernizing your technology infrastructure for growth

Your family business is your passion. And stepping back and taking inventory of your family business technology can help take that passion further. In this installment of our eight-part series, “Pivotal moments for family enterprises,” we’ll explore how modernizing your technology infrastructure and implementing new technology can help you take your masterpiece into the future.

Long-term incentive planning

How LTIP can bring your business goals into focus

Your family enterprise is your life’s work, and long-term incentive planning (LTIP) can help protect your legacy. In this installment of our eight-part series, “Pivotal moments for family enterprises,” we’ll explore the ways in which LTIPs can help to attract and keep top talent, increase shareholder value, create internal alignment, and incentivize performance.

Preparing for the loss of an owner

Estate planning and legacy assessments for family business

At some point in the evolution of every family business, its founder and/or present leader is going to pass on. Proper planning through a legacy assessment can help position and prepare the family and/or the associated business for continuity and provide a clear understanding of the founder’s or leader’s wishes.

Succession planning for family business

Leadership transition and the next generation

Succession planning can help guarantee the future of your family business for generations to come. Discover the steps you can take now to choose the right candidates, embrace new ideas, and involve potential successors in the business early on.

Exit options for family enterprises

How to prepare for a sale and other exit strategy options

When it's time to sell your family enterprise, planning ahead and taking proper steps can help you get the most out of your life's work. Learn what you can do now to help attract buyers, get a fair value, protect the proceeds of the sale, and secure your wealth for generations to come.

Starting a family office

Open the door to new opportunities for your family enterprise

For high-net-worth family business owners, setting up a family office can help to navigate the increasingly complex aspects of a flourishing family enterprise. From planning and routine administration to discovering new investment opportunities, and more. Learn more of the benefits of starting a family office.

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