Exponential Experience

Learning expeditions to thriving ecosystems around the world

The future will be Digital, Disruptive and Exciting! Are you and your leaders getting ready?

Your leaders need to be ready for multiple futures!

The fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0, is transforming businesses, economies, jobs and society. The rules of creating value and leadership are shifting at a rapid pace, bringing about dramatic changes across industries, domains, and communities. What has worked in the past will simply not work now and in the future. In order to adapt and thrive in the new world, leaders have to be ready for ‘multiple futures’. These futures include the broader macro (socio-economic-political) future, the future of consumers, the future of different industries, future of technology and digital, future of work, and the future of leadership. Leaders will need to start appreciating these multiple futures and developing distinctly new sets of capabilities, mindsets and networks to not only cope but thrive. They need to think significantly more broadly, act as accelerators to establish new ways to create customer value and re-invent business models to move the needle.

Exponential Experience

The Exponential Experience - Leadership development outside of the classroom

To prepare leaders for multiple futures, leadership development needs to look and feel very different from today. Leadership development needs to be plugged into the ecosystems that matter. Steering away from traditional classroom settings, our Leadership Exponential Experience expeditions take the world as rich learning spaces, from cities to regions, and global platforms.

On the Leadership Exponential Experience, leaders will immerse themselves into multiple thriving ecosystems which include startups, ventures, entrepreneurs, research institutes, academia and accelerators. They apply the lessons learnt from the immersion in the service of real ‘jobs to be done’ for their respective organisation. Each Leadership Exponential Experience is specially curated to learn from, and forge collaboration opportunities with targeted disrupters and innovators, with a view to turbocharge innovation efforts, launch prototypes of potential game changing experiments and start seeding a culture of innovation and disruption in the organisation.

The Exponential Experience enables leaders to achieve multiple objectives:

  • New propositions – The leaders’ ability to build new propositions and business models to create exponential value
  • Stronger partnerships – The opportunity to build strong and mutual partnerships with multiple players in the ecosystem
  • Functioning amidst ambiguity – Enhanced comfort to operate, plan and lead in highly ambiguous conditions
  • Understanding of the impact of exponential technologies – A robust understanding of the capabilities, applications, and potential future emerging technologies
  • Mindsets to thrive in ‘multiple futures’ – The right mindsets and capabilities to appreciate and thrive in the discontinuous future
  • Immersive experiences in multiple ecosystems - Enhanced understanding of how value is created across ecosystems that are defining the multiple futures of tomorrow

The Exponential Experience can and should replace traditional ways of meeting and learning

The traditional ways of meeting and learning have not kept pace with the modern needs of organisations and leaders. Leadership Exponential Experience can replace or integrate with:

  • Leadership offsites – Power up traditional leadership offsites with the power of personal connections with key ecosystem players, collaborate on hands-on experiments.
  • Leadership development programs – Energise leadership development programs with the power of the Leadership Exponential Experience. Get leaders face to face with start up entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, innovators, customers, etc to make leadership development real, energetic and actionable.
  • Strategy summits – Transform strategy summits into real, customer & ecosystem oriented forums where the ‘multiple futures’ are visualise and acted upon immediately.
  • Innovation retreats – Turbocharge innovation retreats with the power of real immersion and exposure to customers, other innovators, original thinkers, researchers, skunk works, etc.


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