Sustainability & Climate Services

Businesses are at the critical juncture to rethink decisions and reinvent processes toward a strategy that supports sustainable development. This is a choice that will define the delivery of long-term value and sustainability for both the business and the planet.

Deloitte’s sustainability consultants help clients embed sustainability into strategy and operations to achieve greater enterprise value in the new sustainable economy. Our clients become better positioned to embrace change, pre-empt challenges and accelerate solutions to thrive in the long-term. Our four main integrated offerings help clients shape responsible and resilient businesses to operate in an increasingly unpredictable world.

Why tax is essential to the climate and sustainability journey?

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Brochure on Climate and Sustainability services

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Emissions & Energy Transition

We help businesses steer a course through the intricacies of transitioning toward operating in a low-carbon future economy. We assist clients to lower emissions and decarbonise operations, while supporting and accelerating their business model transformations in parallel to create competitive advantages and succeed in the long term

Supply Chain Due Diligence & Responsible Sourcing

We help organisations build resilient and sustainable supply chains, to count transparency and accountability as two of the business’ trust factors. We assist clients to identify, mitigate, and adapt to a wide range of environmental and social risks in their supply chains to build a resilient and future-proof business.

Risk Governance & Impact Measurement

We help businesses respond confidently to evolving disclosure requirements and stakeholder expectations. We assist our clients to measure progress against strategic targets through KPIs that are aligned with key reporting frameworks as standards for disclosure emerge, evolve and become institutionalised, while keeping internal and external stakeholders informed in a consistent manner.

Public Policy Advisory

We bring clarity to organisations amidst complex policy guidelines to adapt operational processes that meet organisational, market and societal expectations. We assist our clients to address sustainability-related guidelines, regulations, and asks from stakeholders who are driving the marketplace transformation for increased ownership and accountability of actions to combat climate change. 

Opinion piece

Going green in Singapore—what can businesses expect from the changes in carbon tax policy?

Despite the government’s support, businesses will understandably have concerns regarding how they can make the changes to current processes and the additional investments needed to ensure that they meet the requirements, in particular carbon emissions requirements, set by the government to tackle climate change. Find out more about how businesses can prepare themselves through this opinion piece by Deloitte Southeast Asia Tax & Legal Climate & Sustainability Leader Wong Meng Yew, Deloitte Singapore Global Trade Advisory Manager Alexander Goh and Senior Associate Tiffany Lee.

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