Human Capital

Deloitte’s Human Capital professionals help organisations drive productivity, value and impact through the organisation, the workforce, and HR. Our professionals leverage research, analytics, technology solutions and industry insights to help you:

  • Create an organisation that is adaptable to change that can respond to the increasing need for transparency in the era of the Social Enterprise
  • Compose a workforce that drives productivity and value—today and in the future
  • Design all aspects of work in a way that allows the worker to find meaning in the work they perform

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Opinion pieces

Bringing remote work out of the shadows, into the open

The checkpoint that separates Singapore from Johor Bahru, Malaysia is always busy, with thousands of people crossing the border daily for business, family, or just to experience a different scenery.

With Singapore’s pervasive broadband connectivity and tech savvy population, an estimated 45% of the island’s workforce has the potential to work remotely. As such, how can employers manage the risks that accompany remote work and harness this shift to its full potential?

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Strengthening Singapore's competitive edge with Budget 2022

COVID-19 and other significant headwinds continue to impact economies across the world but Singapore's economic recovery thus far is stronger than expected. Find out more about how Budget 2022 can strengthen Singapore’s competitive edge through this opinion piece by our Global Employer Services Tax Partner Dion Thai and Tax Director Jod Gill.

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Remote Work Advisory services

The COVID-19 situation has accelerated
the shift for companies towards implementing remote or flexible work
arrangements. As this new working norm is setting in, companies need the right
policies, infrastructure and processes in place to seamlessly transform how
their employees work while proactively addressing the cost savings issues in
order to mitigate unintended negative outcomes to the companies.

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The landscape of remote work is changing rapidly as the pandemic has accelerated the future of work. For many businesses, there will be reduced importance as to where work is done and increased focus on how work is done, leveraging robotics, automation, digital capabilities, connected platforms, tools and techniques. 

We are seeing remote work come to life in several scenarios today, and each has different features, challenges and possible approaches. Our discussion includes a review of alternative employment models such as a GEC and where these may or may not be attractive remote work solutions. 

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