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Understand potential benefits of accounting method changes

Companies depend upon experts in tax accounting and economic consulting to provide objective reporting of business results. Unbiased and thorough analysis of an organization’s financial health is critical to evaluating business performance and developing strategic plans, and informs whether an organization will have the resources needed to execute those plans. With a complete view of financial information, leaders are in the position to work with tax consulting professionals and specialists to discuss additional aspects of financial and tax accounting, including the impact of potential changes to accounting methods.

Deloitte tax professionals offer a full range of accounting method services. Our team knows that the impact of accounting methods can change, reflecting evolutions in financial reporting rules and regulations as well as tax incentives allocated to specific sectors or business activity. These realities mean that reviewing accounting methods should periodically factor in most organization’s financial and strategic planning.

While many organizations maintain the same accounting methods for decades, certain actions could trigger the need to reassess whether legacy methods of accounting remain the most suitable. This is particularly true if your organization is considering or undergoing a corporate restructuring or generating new and significant revenue from digital or other cloud-based services, both of which typically have tax implications. Likewise, Deloitte’s experienced tax accounting and consulting professionals can help you understand tax implications of global economic actions, such as international trade treaties and agreements that impact your sector.

Deloitte can provide tax accounting and consulting services that clarify the accounting impact of proposed business plans, and the business impact of changes to accounting methods. We combine clear, credible financial reporting and deep expertise in tax accounting methods to help you plan with confidence. The result: reliable, timely insight into an important component of tax accounting.

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