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Deloitte Solution Center (DSC)


Advanced technologies play an important role in the delivery of Deloitte Consulting LLP services, the value our network of member firms’ clients derive from those services, and their ability to sustain and grow that value over time. The Deloitte Solution Center (DSC), part of the US member firm, develops, implements, and sustains technology solutions to help clients accelerate their time to value, reduce implementation costs and risks, and capture new opportunities to apply innovation and market advancements.

As a recognized leader in business-led technology innovations, Deloitte Consulting LLP’s solutions applies the power and experience of its multi-disciplinary approach 

The DSC portfolio now includes more than 100 technology solutions, from large enterprise resource planning implementation accelerators for specific industries to discrete analytics solutions for specific markets. Some are standalone and purpose-built and others are part of related groups of solutions. All are infused with deep industry experience, focus on practical business functionality, and apply the power of Deloitte Consulting LLP by leveraging eminence and competencies from across Deloitte's practices and disciplines.

Deloitte solutions are based on deep industry experience and built with a focus on business functionality

Improving health systems requires simultaneous pursuit of three aims: improving the experience of care, improving the health of populations and reducing the per capita costs of health care. Analytics are the key to enabling and achieving the Triple Aim. The Triple AIM IQ solution represents a “start anywhere” approach that aligns with a widely-recognized goal for the majority of health systems.

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Solutions showcase Deloitte’s eminence and competency in applying advanced technologies to changing client needs

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Application Modernization Solution

Application modernization goes beyond refactoring code and data, the solution provides a platform for organizations to gradually modernize aspects of their business. This solution can help member firm clients reduce risk and enhance investment by focusing on impactful system improvements rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. In addition, the solution illustrates the level of customization available following an initial system refactor including user experience upgrade, service orientation, business rules externalization and cloud enablement.

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SalesDirect is a simple, user-friendly, plug-n-play cloud-hosted solution for sales agents to sell carrier-specific telecom products and services to end customers. The solution allows sales agents to view customized offers alongside customer information to help improve right fitting and conversion. It enables sales agents to focus on selling and building customer relationships and spend less time on data entry or fixing order capture errors. It also allows corporate administration of B2B clients to monitor subscriptions and provide clients with transparent ordering opportunities and quicker responses.

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Digital Assortment Solution

The Digital Assortment Solution (DAS) is a pre-configured Anaplan solution for retailers, focused on assortment planning. The solution addresses how many products to offer, what types of products will resonate with your customers, how much inventory to buy and in which locations to offer the product. DAS brings a cloud-based assortment planning solution, based on leading practices, in a format that is easily implemented. DAS is automated, scalable and supports the planning process and complex analytics that are critical to optimize and plan product breadth/depth or buy quantities.

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Deloitte solutions are designed to help lower implementation risks and improve time-to-value

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