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Application Modernization powered by innoWake™

Bringing new life to legacy systems

Digital technologies such as cloud, mobile, and cognitive are creating a world of new opportunities for businesses today, helping companies save millions, creating efficiencies, enhancing quality, and promoting products. However legacy systems don’t always support them and with many skilled workers retiring, legacy systems often become costly to support—making legacy modernization mission-critical.

Deloitte named a strong performer in Application Modernization and Migration Services by independent research firm.
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New life to old technology

Core legacy systems are often at the heart of a business. Updating them can be disruptive. Rather than completely rebuilding applications from scratch, you can breathe new life into them with Application Modernization powered by innoWake™, a proprietary toolset that fully automates the process.

Legacy modernization, start anywhere.

How modernized IT systems can help businesses thrive in a post-pandemic world

The COVID-19 pandemic has created uncharted waters for businesses across industries, and retail and consumer products companies are no exception. Consumer buying patterns have rapidly shifted to online retailers that offer essential items like food, cleaning mainstays, and medication. So while sales may be robust among retailers that provide essential products, those that sell nonessential products like apparel and beauty services are facing challenges.

Despite the bleak forecast, it’s important to remember that the economy will recover, and demand for retail and consumer products will likely rebound. What’s unknown is the speed and extent of recovery across sectors, as well as how altered customer and employee behaviors will persist in a post-pandemic world.

Legacy modernization isn’t a far-off dream

Aging systems and legacy enterprise applications built on languages such as COBOL or Natural often cannot take full advantage of today’s customer-centric technologies, like cloud and mobile computing. Legacy systems are typically incompatible with new technologies, which can impede digital transformation of enterprise IT.

For organizations that still rely on legacy technology, the promise of digital transformation can seem like a far-off dream. However, that’s not the case. It’s practical now.

Organizations can often keep their legacy systems when they have been modernized in an effective, risk adverse way—that means without interrupting business as usual, using an automated process, and keeping business outcomes in mind.

A platform that helps make the transition easier

Deloitte’s Application Modernization powered by innoWakeTM platform offers a fully automated, tools-based approach for modernizing legacy technology and couples it with holistic knowledge of modernization, program management, and organizational change. Companies garner value out of their existing systems and can start using new technologies for innovation and growth. Find out more about how it works here.

Thanks to a close partnership between IT and its business lines, Freddie Mac’s digital transformation is helping it handle a dynamic environment.

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Learn how Deloitte has helped organizations successfully modernize legacy systems.

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Reducing risk and minimizing interruption

Digital transformations can be broken down into smaller initiatives that offer the most benefit to the business. Doing so helps deliver quick results while reducing disruptive and costly downtime.

Deloitte’s Application Modernization powered by innoWakeTM promotes big picture thinking, but in a risk-adverse, cost-effective way:

Legacy modernization at a desired pace
Businesses can take the initial step by examining legacy code to understand its structure and complexity—and how to make future improvements. They can convert outdated code to a modern language and then migrate the application to a web-enabled platform. After migration, many will want to tackle the end goal of modernization: integration of essential digital technologies like cloud, mobile, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and advanced analytics. Deloitte can enter at any point in the legacy modernization journey.

No interruption to the business
Deloitte’s Application Modernization powered by innoWakeTM incorporates both IT and business realities into the process. When a legacy modernization project is underway, rest assured there is no “code freeze” or operational downtime. It’s business as usual during development for the greater organization.

Automated process
The process of updating old code can be a monumental procedure, involving millions of lines across multiple platforms. Deloitte stands apart by offering fully automated refactoring, using proprietary innoWakeTM modernization tools to achieve fully automated migration. After migration, the new codebase and interface remains similar to that of the legacy system, reducing the need for IT and end-user training.

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Modernizing legacy systems in banking: How banks can succeed at core and app modernization

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Green line

No matter where an organization is on the path to legacy modernization, Deloitte can help companies chart a roadmap based on their priorities and business objectives.

Green line

Forge a new path and seize bold opportunities

A digital business demands a modern platform

As technologies continue to evolve at ever-increasing speeds, incompatible legacy applications and systems are preventing many organizations from taking advantage of new technology-driven business opportunities and, ultimately, digital transformation.

Deloitte’s Application Modernization Services powered by innoWakeTM can help update legacy applications and prepare for future modernization initiatives.

No matter where an organization is on the legacy modernization journey, Deloitte can help companies address evolving business demands, leverage enterprise technology investments, and build a reliable foundation for future innovation. Reach out to us to start a conversation.

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Bring new life to legacy systems

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