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Application Modernization

New interfaces, code, and data help bring new life to legacy applications

Deloitte’s application modernization teams build on the functionality embedded in your core systems with an incremental approach that focuses on the system improvements that can make a difference. By bringing interfaces up to date, restructuring data, and using fully automated refactoring to put modern code in place, the application modernization process can help lower both cost and risk while opening the door to leading-edge mobile, cloud, analytics, and security capabilities.

There is another way

Many organizations with large investments in legacy enterprise IT systems face a tough choice: Keep them, as maintenance costs tend to rise, downtime increases, and new business needs go unmet. Or replace them, with all the cost, disruption—and uncertainty—that it typically entails.

Application modernization is an incremental approach that replaces outdated COBOL, NATURAL, or PL/1 legacy code with modern Java and .NET code, all without major disruption to the business. On the back end, the new code runs on platforms the organization already owns. On the front end, users and developers can keep using the functionality they know already, but with friendlier, more up-to-date interfaces. If your organization is still using decades-old technology, imagine what a change to modern platforms could do for overall efficiency—not to mention employee morale.

Part of Deloitte’s approach has drawn upon the industry experience of innoWake and its suite of products. From targeted solutions that crack specific challenges such as running JCL scripts on Unix/Linux or analyzing legacy NATURAL code to foundational capabilities such as the Java/.NET enterprise migration engine or a lifecycle manager, innoWake has built each of its products and solutions to address the specific needs of application modernization. Now, innoWake is part of Deloitte, helping to make the modernization process even more streamlined and effective.

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The only option you don’t have is to stand still

What are the stakes for an organization that keeps patching and using a legacy system that’s past its prime? Costs likely escalate. The reporting and insights that effectively drive agility aren’t there, and the uncertainty that creeps into compliance adds a layer of potential risk. Often, the foundation of the problem is that systems just can’t work or talk to one another, nor can they be updated to use modern services or platforms. Standing still adds significant risks to organizations when critical functionality doesn’t scale or a key team member elects retirement when a new industry or regulatory change is mandated.

No two application modernization projects are the same. We begin each one with a fact-based assessment of the current state, a detailed diagnostic report, and a mission-driven definition of the desired end state. Using a custom roadmap, we unfold the modernization process in a way that can help increase the delivery of quick wins while reducing the cost and disruption of downtime.

We also recognize that IT systems and ways of working go hand in hand. That’s why our process includes both technical refactoring and business practice modernization, planned so they work together.

Our application modernization capabilities are designed to preserve what works, improve performance to meet new demands, and leave behind a platform that can scale to meet future needs.

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A path forward for legacy systems

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