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Application Modernization & Innovation

Digital transformation solutions for your enterprise

Modernization is at the heart of innovation, especially with cloud adoption on the rise. It’s easy to see why, when benefits like scalability and agility can give your organization a competitive edge. But digital transformation goes beyond staying competitive; it can improve decision-making, enhance security and efficiency, and reduce costs.

Keep pace with rapidly changing technology

Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), blockchain, analytics, and cloud have altered the global playing field. Existing IT systems must interact seamlessly with these new digital technologies, connect quickly, and deploy effectively—all while keeping your organization’s security, governance, and performance in line. But these new technologies aren’t always compatible with existing, and often outdated, systems. How do you bridge the gap? Deloitte’s Application Modernization & Innovation solutions can help deliver business value through digital transformation.

Becoming a digital vanguard organization takes a well-designed plan

Our solutions

Our innovative approach: Application Modernization & Innovation (AMI) hybrid solutions

What sets Deloitte apart is our people—their breadth of industry insight and technical skills—combined with our engineering acumen, Deloitte IP, and ecosystem technologies. Our product engineering solutions below also enable your digital transformation.

Imagine the possibilities
Achieve your unique ambitions with the help of our hybrid solutions and industry experience. We quickly assess your business processes to understand how they are enabled by your legacy technology. Then we help you prioritize your initiatives by combining this insight with a vision for how digital technologies can transform your business.

Build the solution
Realize business value faster by accelerating the adoption of cloud and digital technologies while reducing risk. Our innovative approach is grounded in our extensive experience implementing complex, large-scale technology transformations and powered by a combination of strategically acquired and internally cultivated modernization and migration hybrid solutions that integrate quality engineering, program management, and cyber.

Run with confidence
Realize ongoing benefits from our relationship. We don’t just operate enterprise technology; we collaborate with you to enable continuous digital transformation.

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Marlin Metzger

Marlin Metzger

Application Modernization & Innovation Offering Leader

Marlin, a Deloitte principal, is the Application Modernization & Innovation offering leader responsible for the Application Modernization & Migration, Program and Transformation Management, and Qualit... More

Amod Bavare

Amod Bavare

Application Modernization & Innovation Go-to-Market Leader

Amod is a principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP and leads go-to-market for cloud transformations across the Application Modernization & Innovation operating portfolio. With more than 25 years of IT i... More

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