Application Modernization & Migration

Modernize your legacy tech to cloud and realize your possibilities

Migrating and modernizing to cloud is not a matter of if, but when, and more importantly, how. Cloud can turn traditional companies into disruptive forces within the market. How do you modernize and migrate your legacy tech to realize the possibilities of cloud? Deloitte’s Application Modernization & Migration integrated offering provides an accelerated, efficient way to transform legacy systems to the cloud. We enable you to realize that potential each step of the way.

The case for Deloitte’s Application Modernization & Migration

Markets are increasingly complex and often in flux, while customer demands continue to escalate in scope and depth. More than ever, companies require greater system agility and comprehensive data insights to manage these complexities. Deloitte’s Application Modernization & Migration approach can help you meet these needs more efficiently through our automated engineering, support of ongoing operations, and prioritization of your future workforce. Furthermore, we were recently recognized as a prequalified partner for the AWS Mainframe Migration Competency.

Application Modernization & Migration in action

After a large, multination organization turned to Deloitte to modernize its legacy applications to better meet customer and client needs, Deloitte created a road map focused on process efficiencies, workforce agility, and a future-ready state of technology and built an application modernization center. This central hub drove modernization across the entire enterprise and provided present and future business value. Through application modernization, Deloitte provided the organization with an enhanced user experience, improved security protocols, streamlined development integration, and systematic information sharing among teams. Discover more about how Deloitte uses cloud technology to help organizations unlock their full potential, deliver a clear vision for the future, and achieve substantial cost savings.

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How we help you catch your possible

Our tailored approach to app modernization and migration offers great flexibility to meet your individual needs, no matter how complex.

Our phased approach begins with an automated discovery assessment of your current legacy code and infrastructure to help us plan and scope your modernization initiative. This assessment enables us to design a singular modernization strategy that helps you prioritize investments based on business needs, capitalize on enhanced performance, and minimize underlying risks and costs.

Next, we use patented products to incrementally re-architect applications for Cloud Native and migrate them to the cloud in waves. We can also help you cost-effectively operate and manage your applications so you can continue to meet your service-level objectives.

Legacy modernization, start anywhere.

Who we are

Deloitte named a strong performer in Application Modernization and Migration Services by independent research firm.
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Jimmy K. Man

Jimmy K. Man

Deloitte Consulting LLP

Jimmy is a principal with Deloitte Consulting and currently serves as the go-to-market leader for our Application Modernization & Migration to Cloud offering for all industries. He specializes in tech... More

Bjoern Langmack

Bjoern Langmack

Deloitte Consulting LLP

As co-founder of innoWake, Bjoern is leading Deloitte’s Mainframe to Cloud Migration and Modernization market offering across all industries and sectors. As an entrepreneur in IT business for more tha... More

Thorsten Bernecker

Thorsten Bernecker

Core Business Operations

Thorsten is a principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP heading up a team that is aiming to create new avenues in bringing asset based values to clients, with a fresh mind and innovative ideas – the Appl... More

Amod Bavare

Amod Bavare


Amod Bavare leads Deloitte’s Global Cloud Migration and Modernization market efforts across all industries and sectors. With more than 25 years of IT industry experience, Bavare specializes in renovat... More

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