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2023 banking and capital markets outlook

A new global economic order seems imminent. Banks globally can chart a path through the current fog of uncertainty to reposition for a brighter future.





2023 investment management outlook

The global investment management industry looks to drive success in a virtuous cycle

FSI Predictions 2023
Emerging developments and trends in the financial services industry (FSI)






Digital payment technology for merchants: How QR codes will impact the future of payments

When it comes to digital payment technology, quick response (QR) codes are at the top of the class. As consumers have grown increasingly comfortable with QR codes, more companies are adopting them for their payment systems.




The future of the commercial banking industry

The commercial banking industry is contending with multiple shifts influencing its future: the impact of macroeconomic forces on loan demand, the growing role of digitization in client relationships, and the imperative for bankers to elevate their roles as trusted advisers. What should commercial banks do to redefine their future?

Digital ethics and banking: A strong AI strategy starts with customer trust

In today’s fast-paced financial sector, data is an invaluable tool—allowing banks and financial institutions to spot imminent financial trends, identify emerging customer needs, and roll out customized services and offerings in record time. With artificial intelligence (AI) now entering the playing field, data-led banking is evolving even more rapidly. Yet, to lead this technology in the right direction and enhance responsible implementations, trust is essential.

Trustworthy AI in practice

Looking ahead to a trustworthy future

Deloitte with Chatterbox Labs
Bringing Chatterbox Labs’ scalable and flexible


Our Climate Risk Scenario Analysis Solution

  • Forward-looking models forecasting impact up to 2050
  • Our approach is granular whereby physical risk can be measured at address level and customized based on asset classes
  • Adhere to global scenario datasets

2023 Global Future of Cyber Survey

Find out how leaders across industries are building long-term value by putting cyber at the heart of the business. Explore findings from Deloitte’s latest survey based on input from cyber executives around the world.

Deloitte Cybersecurity Threat Trends Report 2023

Cybersecurity really is a team sport. When we think this way, the rapidly changing adversary and overall threat landscape become less daunting. Deloitte Detect and Respond has created client-facing reports for years, but we are excited to share our first public-facing full year on cybersecurity intelligence trends and lessons learned.


Future of Cloud Survey: Industry cloud trends

Benefits and challenges of industry cloud adoption






The chief data officer in government: A CDO Playbook 2023

Since 2018, data has become increasingly important to public sector mission performance. As the role of data has expanded, so too has the role of chief data officers (CDOs). No longer just technical leaders, CDOs increasingly play a core mission role in their organizations. But a new role demands new tools—tools this playbook intends to introduce.




The Asia Pacific Data Localisation Guide 2023

Your guide to navigating requirements across the Asia Pacific region






Passwordless authentication: The next frontier in security

Passwordless authentication eliminates the root cause of user friction and the weakest link in security. It eliminates the challenges of remembering, storing, and transmitting passwords and adhering to complex rules when setting or resetting passwords. It offers a world without passwords, combined with improved security and a better user experience.




Five ways banks can mitigate a catastrophic cybersecurity event

Over the past few years, financial institutions around the globe have faced more intense cybersecurity threats than ever.

In 2021 alone, ransomware attacks against banks rose by an astonishing 1,318%. This is at least partly due to the pandemic, which spurred a rapid transition to remote work and accelerated the move towards digital transformation.


Embedding security into the public cloud DNA

Read our report to learn more about the key security considerations associated with public cloud adoption and steps to ensure security by design as you lead your organisation's cloud migration journey.





Deloitte Global

The road to net-zero: How financial firms are moving to a low-carbon future

To avoid the worst of climate change, the scientific consensus is that greenhouse gas emissions must reach net zero by 2050. Many financial institutions have stepped up to the challenge. Here’s what they’ve discovered about what it takes to drive real-world change.



Banking on climate neutrality: The global banking industry’s role in transitioning to a low-carbon economy

A report from the International Banking Federation and Deloitte





Banking on natural capital: Unlock the true value of nature

Nature is a fundamental - and fundamentally underappreciated - part of the economy and human wellbeing. But what if we valued it differently?





Deloitte Southeast Asia

Asia Pacific’s Response to the Finalised ISSB IFRS S1 and IFRS S2 Standards

Explore how regulators in Asia Pacific have responded to the ISSB Standards, insights on changes between the Exposure Drafts and the finalised Standards, relief measures, as well as steps you can take to prepare for the emerging reporting landscape.



The Growing Focus on Greenwashing of Financial Products: Implications in Asia Pacific 

With the growing focus on greenwashing of financial products, this article examines the corresponding implications for financial institutions across Asia Pacific.




Embracing ESG in the Singapore Financial Services Industry

The discussions of sustainability topics have intensified over recent years as stakeholders look to assess corporate and investment performance through the lens of ESG impact. How can Singapore position itself as Asia’s leading hub?




Deloitte Thailand

Thailand Taxonomy

Section 1: Sustainable Finance Landscape in Thailand

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