Sourcing Management

Supply Chain Management

Strategic supply management aims to improve quality and service while reducing the total cost of purchased materials, products, and services. In other words, strategic supply management is the process of making private contracts with suppliers to achieve corporate goals as a result of the assessments in order to streamline cost and productivity.

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Strategic Sourcing Management

Companies who build effective relationships with their suppliers gain a competitive advantage that increases in time. Companies can collaborate with suppliers to decrease costs, increase flexibility, achieve high quality, and develop a variety of value-added services. The Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) framework, which covers all these areas, is a concept that requires more than sourcing and procurement

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Supplier Relationship Management

The primary goal for many procurement departments continues to be minimizing costs and supply assurance. On the other hand, the key to achieving successful results requires developing systematical and cooperative approaches, rather than simply evaluating offers and prices. Volume consolidation, technical specifications and total cost analysis, global sourcing, supplier relationships, process optimizations, and the effective use of technology would significantly reduce external expenses while improving quality and supplier performance.

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Purchasing Process Design