Software Asset Management

Software assets are often not well monitored, such that many organizations do not know whether they are under, or over –subscribed; potentially resulting in significant unidentified liabilities or underutilized assets. Optimizing software asset management may yield positive results and help avoid unwanted surprises. Software licenses and maintenance costs typically represent a significant portion of an annual Information Technology (IT) budget. Effective management, control, and protection of software assets are essential to optimize their value and manage the risks associated with software license compliance.

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Often, there are multiple groups involved in the purchase, installation, movement, renewal and disposal of software assets. Along with ineffective governance, absence of standardization, automated renewals and complex software arrangements, this can result in cost overruns, redundancies, and over-licensing.

Most organizations are not equipped to deal with complex licensing issues, such as software that is bundled with other products or services; a wide variety of software licensing terms; and complex software entitlement rules which specify product usage restrictions. It is one task to physically track software assets, but an entirely different challenge to manage and optimize usage to the contractual terms and conditions of each software product used by your organization.

As a result, there are significant risks to your organization in terms of potential financial, legal, and regulatory issues or over-licensing. Even in organizations with well-controlled IT departments, unlicensed software, unapproved purchases, or simple misunderstandings about deployment rules can go undetected for years, typically until a vendor audit is performed. Deloitte’s Software Asset Management (SAM) services can help.

Software Asset Management

Deloitte offers a broad spectrum of services to secure a strong software asset management program. Our offerings include:

  • SAM Lifecycle Development
  • Software Process Optimization
  • Software Baselining
  • SAM Management Tool Selection and Implementation
  • License Optimization Opportunity Identification

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